Noni – tips for optimal health, weight loss and wellness

Mother says: “A noni a day, keeps the doctor way.”

Hello, my name is John and I communicated you the truth about noni – also known in the world of plants as Morinda citrifolia. I’m not qualified to share noni with you only because I have a youthful looking, handsome and sexy guy, but because I am also a noni plant grows in my garden.

My neighbor got you right behind my house in the Philippines, and many of the shipyards here noni plants also. The black volcanic soil here is very good for growing the noni plant. My wife went out this afternoon and took a little basket with fresh fruit in noni for me for today. Good luck me!

If I drink the noni fruit juice, like to mix with a little pineapple juice and 7-up to taste to swallow will facilitate. The seeds are very sharp – like pepperoni – and my tongue burn if I suck you to loose the flesh of the fruit.

I was surprised… The very first time that I ate some of the noni fruit and drank the juice, it had an immediate effect on my health. The next day I noticed that my back pain is gone – gone – and stayed out as long as I noni fruit and juice consumed daily. I have less back pain for more than 40 years. Chiropractors helped, but the pain has not removed.

Guess what – the desire I always for snacks and junk food had disappeared the next day after taking noni sweets. I was definitely to much food and weight gain. After the use of noni, my weight-loss problems have disappeared.

I know – this is all just anecdotal evidence and not based on a scientific study with my use of noni – but I am convinced that the advantages of the use of noni. It helps me tremendously makes me feel better. It has a lot of medical and health problems that previously dogging me were deleted.

It all started about 20 years ago. The noni fruit, which I’ve had for a long time has helped, feel healthier, younger look, take off, gave me young skin with less aches and pains of old age. She could call me a “health nut”, due to any health information that I constantly Digest herbs am about alternative medicine, vitamins, supplements, minerals, antioxidants, folk medicine, etc.

My body is over 60 years old, but most people think I’m in my late 40s. My teenagers look likely to due to the different herbs, vitamins and dietary supplements such as noni, that I take every day. I have a serious “health nut” for about 20 + years. My studies, research and use of herbal products have convinced me value and benefits of herbs in my diet over the enormous health. I have my own health and improved, sometimes slow, but always well seen. Try noni itself – see positive changes in your body.

A doctor trained at Johns Hopkins studied the effects of noni on 25,000 noni juice drinkers and found very positive effects for 29 health conditions in their lives. What can noni do for you?

See for yourself and see the changes in your body. Imagine, fine again, seeking younger, smoother and softer skin, better digestion, less pain and pain, feeling healthier, low blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, natural ability of the body to fight tumors, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, have more energy, feel more alert, energetic and balanced strengthening. What more do you want to ask!
Studies suggest that the compounds found in noni work at the cellular level in the human body to help to help take back normal function abnormally functioning cells and maintain normal cells, the regular function.

There are several theories that could explain why noni very possibly works in the body. Some believe that there is a variety of polysaccharides, the noni fruit its beneficial effects. Other theories, that on the basis of research findings to study suggest that noni promotes the production of nitric oxide in the body, has been proven to strengthen the natural ability of the body to fight tumors, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

A more popular explanation is called “Xeronine System”, by the forerunner in noni research, Dr. Ralph Heini