Newport Beach weight loss surgeon Dr. Brian Quebbemann Director of stationary bariatric services in the Tri-City Regional Medical Center

NEWPORT BEACH – Newport Beach, the country is a leading weight loss doctors and surgeon, Dr. Brian Quebbemann Medical Director of inpatient bariatric services at Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Los Angeles County, a leading centre of excellence for weight-loss surgery appointed.

Dr. Quebbemann, who serves as medical director and founder of the support program weight loss program in Newport Beach, CA, comprehensive activities regarding the hospital inpatient bariatric unit, including surgical programs for patients with morbid obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are monitored.

It is hand in hand with Dr. time Fobi, Medical Director of the Tri-City Bariatric program work.  Dr. Fobi is considered procedures have developed one of the pioneers in bariatric surgery, the Fobi pouch that nation’s leading bariatric surgery. Dr. Fobi has surgery to thousands of overweight patients, including many celebrities such as Randy Jackson, Roseanne Barr, and Etta James.  Dr. Quebbemann is a defined group of doctors to regional Tri-City, join with 12 weight loss surgeon on the medical staff of the hospital.

“Dr. Quebbemann world class qualifications are we serve an enormous asset to the hundreds of patients each year for bariatric surgery and medical care”, Arthur Gerrick, CEO of Tri-City Medical Center said regional.  “He is one of the industry’s leading researchers on new technologies and surgical techniques, to improve the lives of the people, struggling with severe obesity. We are thrilled that his clinical acumen as a welcome addition to our fine medical staff. “

Dr. Quebbemann participation in clinical research has helped to pave the way for new surgical techniques for thousands of patients. He was an investigator in clinical trials for all goose LAP-BAND ®.  Currently focuses on devices and surgical techniques, including the spider, a new surgical instrument that uses a single incision in the belly button as access for performing bariatric surgery in clinical research for some other IMP. He also serves as clinical researchers for a new internal medicine dual balloon space displacement weight loss device that currently being evaluated by the FDA.

“Thanks to time Fobi, Tri-City the ground breaking work of doctors like Dr. regional strongly considered Centre of excellence in weight-loss surgery;  Excited their crusade to patient support again I their lives through weight loss of accession”, said Dr. Quebbeman.  “As an accredited Center of excellence, the hospital is required the highest quality of care for his patients, a promise the I parts.”

Tri-City regional is as a center of excellence in bariatric surgery by the American society for metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, as well as a Center distinction in bariatric surgery by Anthem Blue Cross accredited.  The hospital is one of the largest and most experienced surgical weight loss programs in Southern California. The surgeons have helped through weight loss surgery to achieve more than 20,000 patients increased wellness.

Dr. Quebbemann leads a variety of surgical weight loss procedures on Tri-City Regional Medical Center, including lap-BAND ®, Laparoscopic gastric bypass, sleeve Gastrectomy, incisionless and corrective bariatric surgery.

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