Myths about weight loss and six pack ABS

Myth 1 – to get six pack abs you must do of crunches every day hundreds.

Or one of my favorites from infomercial % u2026 “you can now have rock hard sexy slim six pack abs in only 8 minutes a day!” Yea, and I have a twelve inch % u2026 never mind. I’ve heard this one more times than I can remember. First let me tell you the one true secret to getting six pack ABS. Are you ready, because you only have to do two things! Here it is – eat less and exercise more. That’s it that’s the BIG secret! 90% of those getting six pack abs rid of body fat is getting. You already have abs, you just can’t see them because of the layer of goo that’s covering them up! The other 10% is doing some from exercises, such as crunches to help strengthen and build from muscles giving that nice rippled look.

Myth 2 – you have to go to a gym or buy expensive weight training system at home to get fit and have a good workout.

Absolutely not. I do everything at home, except for most of my running of course, with a set of dumbbells, a basic weight bench and a pull up bar. Some people might therefore want to use a yoga mat if you don’t have a nice rug, or carpeted floors for comfort. You may therefore prefer resistance bands to weights. I prefer the free weights. A weight bench is very mobile, but not necessary. So, an extra chair or stool that you may have lying around will come in handy as well. So what does all of this mean? It means don’t waste your money on stupid gimmicks, quick from machines or pills that you see on TV! Save your money and buy some healthy food next time your at the grocery store instead.

Myth 3 – spot fat removal.

I’ve been asked by many people what certain exercises just target the love handles, or abs, or my man boobs to get rid of that fat? The answer is, there’s not. You can’t spot remove fat. As you start losing fat your body will determine where the fat comes from. It may pull some chicken fat back off from your lat area, or some from under the arm. It might pull some thigh cheese from your legs or your ass. Maybe a little from your love handles or around your spare tire well. So I’m sorry to have to say it, but you don’t get a choice. You will notice that you are slimming and shaping up in multiple parts of your body at the same time. Now, in this regard, it is called “stubborn belly fat” for a reason. Typically, when your body stores fat the lower abdomen is the first place it gets stored, and again, typically, the last place from which it is removed.

Myth 4 – I saw Rocky eating raw eggs in that movie before he whipped T’s ass! Eating raw eggs must be good for you right?

I think I blew a wet fart from laughing so hard the first time I heard this one! Let me say this – no.! Raw eggs are NOT good for you! Unless your trying to be sick from salmonella and you do not want to be able to work out for weeks while you recover from diarrhea cha cha cha, and puking your guts out! I cover wants more on eggs in the nutrition section and why you should and shouldn’t eat them, but for now just do not eat any raw ones OK?

Myth 5 – I can do certain exercises to just “tone” selected areas.

A lot of people have asked me what they can do to tone just abs or tone just arms or chest? First let me start of by saying there is no such thing as a “toning” exercise. What you will need to do exactly all depends on what your trying to achieve. For example if you want to make your muscles stronger and bigger you need to do resistance training. If you want to become leaner and more defined and get rid of the goo that’s covering up that sexy body of yours, then you need cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition.

Myth 6 – I can loose weight just by dieting.

I get this one a lot so, so let me just go ahead and get the whole dieting thing and why it will never work out of the way. Diets are bad. Even saying that your “going on a diet” implies that you only intent on having better nutrition for a predetermined period of time, and at the end of it your going to return to your butt-crack nasty eating habits again. You need to change your mindset completely about dieting and understand that good nutrition should be a permanent change in your life. Here’s a quickie about why diets do not work. When you eat less of your body (and metabolism) adjusts to the lower caloric intake. So after about a month you loose six or eight pounds because your not eating enough and then you feel happy about where your at home so you going back to your bad eating habits again. Well, it takes your body almost twice as long to speed your metabolism up to compensate for taking in a lot more calories now that your off your diet, does it than it to slow down, by eating less. So not only do you weight gain the back, but most people end up fatter than they were before they started by screwing with their metabolism.