My top 3 weight loss programs

There are lot of weight loss programs who claim that you can get quickly thin. Most of these weight loss programs focus on cutting fat from your diet, but you need lose yourself good fat and muscle mass, and this is not good! I’ll introduce you three the best diet and weight loss weight loss programs that works great for me, and gives it out for you to!

Before I get cancer, I was thin and exercised, what a shock to find out that I had cancer. I thought was always my weight under control, because I didn’t want that one day go in my 50s and 60s, where it very much harder to lose weight. When you get older, your metabolism naturally slows down itself, so if I was 50 (I say my age oops!), I found out that I had cancer. Chemotherapy is generally known, that cause weight loss due to unable to hold something in your stomach. Well, I lost 20 pounds in a few weeks. What I had not expected was that again by the chemo I had such pain in the leg Sam and I wouldn’t be able to walk for months! During this time, I could eat again, and I didn’t know that my metabolism was impaired. I had extremely weak legs and gain a lot of weight. Here is where I began to search for the right diet, to lose the weight to me I wanted never applied. So here are they, three of the best diet and weight loss programs:

The first is the diet to the many celebrities use to lose weight. This is called the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a renowned cardiologist. This diet limiting the intake of carbohydrates. The diet works in three phases, the first phase is for a fortnight, where you can enjoy a 8 to 13 pounds weight loss. The second phase is for a specific time frame. The third phase is for life. You can stop counting calories. What a pain that can be! You need not weigh your parts of food and you are deprived not feeling from eating great-tasting food. You will eat three normal size meals and two snacks every day.

Potatoes, bread, fruit, pasta, rice, beets, corn and carrots are not allowed in South Beach Diet at the beginning especially on the first phase.

The consumption of animal fats is also prohibited, instead it gives you the right carbohydrates food and fats and this diet recommends recording food low in sugar. This programme is also your metabolism at a high level. This is a very flexible diet and there is a wide variety. This diet is designed to work safely with your body and it is very effective. Yes, it’s also safe for diabetics. You can use the South Beach Diet Cookbook for diabetes!

I lost 40 pounds in just two and a half months! My husband lost 60 pounds in this same two and a half months. It was really painless. The food tastes like gourmet food and we had only charge for about two days for me and amazingly just three days after my man ‘ crazy snack’.  The recipes are easy to prepare and quick to cook. Many of these recipes have evolved by chefs from restaurants in Florida for this diet. This diet should exercise to your weight loss as well as to improve, but I have to say that I do not mean much more than just a little hiking for the first able to do months due to leg, so this diet just fine with minimal exercise works.

The Chief diet is one of the best nutrition and weight-loss programs, which Internet popular. This diet is generally popular in the market. It offers a well-balanced meal that contains protein, fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are still part of the menu, as the body is to implement the everyday life. Chef diet caused large areas of food you can choose from.  Have muffins, breakfast, ham and vegetables for lunch, and if you feel hungry there are selection of snacks available too, which you might choose. In addition to a wide variety of menus, you need at least 30 minutes for best results exercise.

The third diet and weight loss program that is is a hit on the Internet the diet. This diet aid in a very short time to lose weight. It offers three meal menus which meal plans with low-fat diet, vegetarian meal, the low fat and low carbohydrate plan. A menu in this application