Matcha green tea powder, information

The Matcha green tea powder is a kind of tea named Matcha, which is a type of green tea in Japan to cultivate. I highly recommend this tea in a 176 ° – 185 ° F-water for 30 seconds the infusion. It’s usually in the course of the day with nothing inside, and it’s usually warm drink drink.

Matcha green tea powder


-Quality: Green
-Origin: Japan
Degree of water: 176 ° 185 ° F (80-85 ° C)
The infusion time: 30 seconds
-When: in the course of the day
-How to: without anything too hot.

The Matcha green tea powder is Japanee Gyokuro green tea , and usually within the standard Japanese tea ceremony consists of the highest quality. Join the way of tea or “Cha no. Yu on” as you create a frothy light green Matcha infusion. Matcha green tea powder contains extremely concentrated green tea antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and a sort of L-theanin amino acids, found almost exclusively in green tea. Deep and focused, motivated this special green tea, attention and tranquility. Helps against flu.

You may actually be the Matcha green tea powder with water or milk, with the last, which could produce a great and delicious Matcha frappuccino gave the six to eight hours of natural energy without coffee or food additives. A container of organic Matcha price $40, very expensive, but it gives you energy and it made your day easier pre-workout drink could use, as properties, to improve mood, reduce cholesterol, keep blood sugar stable increase and a quiet watchfulness for far better had focused.

Several guidelines to the brewery of Matcha green tea powder, which first factor have a bowl of hot water until the dish is warm then get rid of the water and then add dry 1/4 TSP in the bowl, if you like, that a thick BREW, I suggest you add more than one quarter of du to heat as I mentioned you add a 165-175 degrees F of Cup of hot water. Now you could rinse a whisk and you should have energetic whisk the tea and water, until it becomes frothy, what looks to be a bowl of seaweed.

In the event that would much better result, you follow this advice as an example for the case that you use a spoon to a whisk as an alternative, you need not the identical results, you should a good filtered water such an important factor! You never boil the water if it happens, I suggest you to restart the method, we need the instructions, include a large green teato be strictly.

So what are you waiting for? Now, test the Matcha green tea powder!