Low-carb diets and their effects on health in weight-loss plan

Energy delivery is very important through the carbohydrate metabolism and in some organs in the body not it with energy output can be replaced by fat. Therefore is diet, which eliminates carbohydrate or carbohydrate consumption promotes stage set up for failure. The question of whether low-carbohydrate diet plan is ideal is therefore very easy to answer. The answer is obvious. It’s not ideal.

Being a rich source of energy known to carbohydrates, reducing the carbohydrate intake is synonymous with the lowering of the energy released. If the delivered energy are not sufficient activities to cope with some vital organs in the body which tends to, a tired and misery along throughout the day. Do not forget that the aim of a diet is that you have good health and appearance fit without problems. Miserable while everyone is diet program can only mean, scheitern.

The only fuel brain uses as energy is glucose, which can be obtained only rich of carbohydrate metabolism. Other part of the body, the not fat as an energy source can be used is red blood cells.

No carbs, the body produces ketones, which serve as an alternative energy source for the brain and red blood cells, which can use fat as an energy source. This diet plan has FAT to an important source of energy to most of the organs in the body except the brain and red blood cells are activated. This way weight loss can be reached, but in the long run, this strategy will be clouded by many life-threatening health problems, which range from nephritis, Malignance, formation of ketone bodies (ketosis) and lack of vitamins.

Body water reduce his weight loss induction has significantly related to effects of low-carbohydrate diet. This effect has a potential to cause kidney damage. In addition, which has high protein content in this diet more kidney overload. High cholesterol in patients with this plan found has been attributed to heavy consumption of protein-rich. High cholesterol has in some cases of sudden heart cardiovascular damage and stroke was involved, because they cause the thickening of the blood to increase the probability of sudden heart attack. The asset that it eliminated or are missing, some vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidant can cause malignancy this diet. This and more are the mapping of health problems found during this diet plan especially during long term use.

This diet plan has attracted a lot of argument and has heavily criticized were, as it goes against the principle of the healthiest diet dishes, that are currently used. This plan forbids the eating of fruits and vegetables. It is deficient in many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Low-carb plans were recently considered as high-fat and dangerous.

However, if you still want this plan, there are still many healthy options to choose from with reduced risk for the onset of life-threatening health problems.