Lemonade cleanse diet

First of all, as we know, the original master cleanse lemon diet is a juice-fasting therapy they require only a liquid concoction made with lemon juice (mixed with distilled water) to drink maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The diet for at least 10 days should take and no other food is allowed. The aim is the body by years of accumulated toxins and bad bacteria to clean and also take off quickly on the way. Research conducted by a group of medical experts, the lemons certain ingredients, have the cleansing properties that clean, disinfect and to our body, internally and externally. That lemon special items, in the shell, or also the pulp of the fruit, which could kill containing bacteria, fungi and other living cells, which are harmful for our health. The lemonade diet also known as the Detox Diet is a fasting program you follow rule 3-10 days for a certain number of days. The aim of the programme is to remove toxins that have accumulated in the body.These toxins the body drain energy. The lemonade diet is more than 100 years, but recently again come into fashion. Many supporters the lemonade diet report 1-2 pounds per day during the first 3-10 to lose days of the diet. Then you expect 2-4 pounds per week lose. In addition to the ten daily portions lemonade drink a laxative tea every evening and salt water (from 2 tsp sea salt added to a liter of warm water) wash every morning. The laxative tea, a herb from called Senna and the salt water rinse help, even more toxins to get rid of your body. You can’t drink even a small amount of peppermint tea. The main ingredients in this diet pill supplement consist of lemonade Detox complex complex complex and metabolic. The soda complex is the core of the amendment, with its weight loss potential improve. The Detox complex is a blend of herbs, which itself of toxins to purify your body, safe and gentle help. The weight loss and fat burning work the metabolism of the body to promote to increase the metabolic complex ingredients. You can try, diet pills, but no scientific study, the weight-loss claims are questionable, and they can contain harmful chemicals. Many diet pills have been withdrawn from the market, because they contain dangerous substances, which could cause more harm than good. So, what you do, to lose weight? Water with lemon was in studies to help in weight loss, so try the lemonade diet show. The basic steps for this popular diet include drinking water, freshly squeezed organic Lemon, organic maple syrup and organic cayenne pepper. This consumed one after the other for 10 or more days without food. In addition, a daily saltwater rinse or a laxative herbal tea is also advised.