Learn A to an easily understandable step for-step diet to lose 20 pounds in 20 days-

In this article, you will learn why most do not go on a diet people. Latest statistics tells us that almost 95% of the people of who lose weight fails to. Why they fail and why is it so hard to lose weight?

To succeed, you can start on a diet. Rather, a diet is a symptomatic treatment and it not the real reason to treat obesity. The 5%, the successful ones, to make a profound change in their lifestyle. You can change your attitude to food, cooking and ingredients. Exercise is generally an important ingredient in the new life.

A diet can help if it is holistic and take every part of your life in the diet. There are a few that has been proven very well do to WeightWatchers are one of those, another is called ‘Burn the fat feed the muscle’. A basic ideology on a healthy lifestyle offers you these diet plans.

Many modern diets based on without a specific group of foodstuffs. The Atkins diet is one of the most famous. From my point of view, it seems unhealthy to exclude a basic ingredient in our metabolism. Those who receive follow this diet only a so called ketoacidosis and once your breath reached will begin to smell like acetone (nail polish remover). Healthy? -I don’t know, but it burns fat. Are we really so eager to lose weight?

Other diets based on non-fat and low-calorie are also suitable for weight loss in a short time, but as soon as you begin to eat normally, you gain the pounds you lost. Why? -Well, for example, if you go on a low calorie diet you lose some weight, in the first few days but then your body will adapt to burn fewer calories metabolism.

We suppose that you eat 2500 calories today and tomorrow start a low calorie diet to eat one extreme 600 calories per day. Above all, feel to a string-hungry for more food, become irritated easily and have a hard time to focus. After 3 days, you’ve lost a few pounds, but your body wants more calories, but it’s starting to be issued to this hunger similar caloric intake. Then, the body is in starvation mode and you stop, burn more calories. The body is a great mechanism.
After a week on this extreme diet you may have lost up to 7 pounds, but you feel not very well. After the diet ends and you will be back to eat normally your body is still in the starvation mode and it starts to save all the extra calories and where to store those calories the body do? -Adipose tissue and this means that you most likely tortured the pound to lose herself.

In addition to WeightWatchers and “burn the fat, feed the muscle”, there is a diet that does not require such a profound change and it means to shift calories. It is not a new diet, it has been around for decades, but recently, it has a twist. This diet get four times per day to dine with you, food can almost fully at every meal. Calorie shifting means that you eat different types of calories daily and thus tricking your body into a fat-burner mode. You see, the body adjusts metabolism on the basis of the last 2-3 days of calorie intake (that is, why low-calorie diet is not good). Well, if you don’t know the difference between different groups of food and calories of the body, eat more and it speeds up the metabolism of energy in adipose tissue by using stored.

Calories-switching diets based on cycles and in this new version, which means that you have the diet for 11 days, and then you free three days, get where you can eat almost anything, and then go back on the diet for 11 days. There are reports, which tell us that an average weight loss of each cycle almost 10 pounds!