Kettlebells: An exercise – maximum fat loss

The American Council on exercise just a new, practical landmark study on fat-burning exercise.

Have you seen it?

It was based on some of the wild claims about kettlebells and kettlebell training.

Here it is in its entirety here.

But for you, I believe it.

If you had to – gun to the head had to, cause just a kettlebell exercise would be fat to lose maximum calories to burn it.

But before we look to get to this we us some of the criteria which should be met by an exercise, to burn fat, let alone with a kettlebell, to burn fat.

The large muscles of the body – should use those 1 that require a lot of
Energy, when with them – the hips and legs

2. There should be multi-joint in nature. Sure, the quadriceps and ButtRx
Machines use the legs, but they focused only on a joint at the same time. A large
Exercise would many joints use above all most of them in the lower body.

3. It would strengthen your body at the same time as calories to burn, so you
can be sure without the injuries, which are repeated from calorie burn
Running heart, such as Shin splints and stress fractures.

4. It would work, the body through different levels of movement and various
ranges of motion.

OK, there are four good. Let’s continue.

Now, how many calories per minute would be good?

Now after ACE, here is a quick breakdown for you:

Spinning – that’s good, right? Must be – many people do it.

Answer: 9.6 calories per minute.
How about dance, such as Zumba Aerobics? Once again gaining popularity.

Answer: 9.7 – something better!

How about’s power Yoga Yoga very popular these days gets.
Answer: 5.9 calories per minute.

This is pretty shabby.

And finally, how about our magical kettlebell exercise?

Drum roll please Maestro.

A whopping 20.2 calories per minute!


That is more than twice as much as the spinning class!

What is the name of this exercise, and where can I sign up to get started doing?

It is the kettlebell snatch.

The kettlebell is effort swung between his legs and then in one motion fixed
with one arm.

It works every single muscle in your body, including the heart and lungs. And it meets all four criteria, which we have already spoken.

Now rightfully you, the kettlebell snatch is an advanced kettlebell exercise and should only be attempted after you are familiar with the kettlebell-2-hand swing and kettlebell-1-hand swing.

Rightfully, you have to, this Protocol that burns a 20.2 calories per minute
Advanced kettlebell training program, developed by a friend and colleague of mine, Kenneth Jay, a master instructor with RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge). (Side note: the study not Kenneth thank for his research…) It is not for kettlebell beginner.

Similar results can and will be obtained from you if you start to perform the Basic (but not easy) kettlebell swings.

So what is the take-home lesson here?

Do you want to lose fat and to lose fat fast debt it yourself to learn, how to use kettlebells and start then with Kenneth’s advanced fat loss work protocols. Because really, everything else, apparently sees a waste of your time.

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