Kellogg Special K diet

Have you heard of the Kellogg-K diet plan? It has received a lot of publicity lately. But it is an effective weight loss program or just another fad diet?

The main ingredient in the Kellogg-K diet plan is (are you ready?) Kellogg Special K breakfast cereal. Surprise! They say that you should replace 2 of your 3 meals per day with a bowl their crops in skim milk. You can eat what you want for the third meal.

If you have to eat the snack you two snacks per day mustn’t consisting from Special K snack bars, cereal bars or snack bites. You can have fruits and vegetables as a snack. Maybe I’m cynical, but this is a weight loss program or a commercial?

Kellogg says that around, you can lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. This could be true, but the biggest problem with a diet as follows is that you’re going to stick with it hard have. It will be a novelty at first, but imagine, how fast you bored eating cereal twice a day every day get!

Is this the most effective weight loss program? I don’t think so. In fact, there is a unique new weight loss program, which allows you to all your favourite food and still says that to lose in 11 days 9 pounds! Not only they make this claim, they guarantee it! I’m as skeptical as the next guy, but when is a company ready to their money to create, where her mouth is, I’m ready to listen.

My advice would be to forget K special diet Kellogg. Search for a weight loss program, which normally provides food and not cut out any food groups. You will be able to stay longer and better results faster.