It is possible to be obese and malnourished?

People have since the dawn of humanity to fight malnutrition. While most of our evolutionary history, enough food was to find our primary daily survival challenge. Our world population is grown exponentially in the past centuries, many people in third world countries to fight to maintain enough food to her body.

Now, in the United States and other developed countries, we see a completely new form of malnutrition. Very few people in this country not enough calories, but they have often do not have access to high-quality calories. It is now clear that excessive fructose mostly from sugar and HFCs and high Glycemic carbohydrates mainly from cereals drive our current epidemic of obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Most processed foods are loaded with these toxic food items. Because our Government high corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar and other commodities subsidized, tend to be processed junk food and Fast Food very expensive.

As a practicing physician, I see often obese patients who are also malnourished because most of their diet consists of this kind of food. We now know that dietary composition in obesity than calories plays a much larger role. Overweight is defined as excessive body fat and many people who have this kind of food eating too much fat in their bodies, even if they are not overweight. Their laboratory studies are similar to someone who is malnourished from not enough food to eat.

We also believe that eating this kind of food function of the brain leads to a disease called carbohydrate associated reversible brain syndrome or CARB syndrome adversely can affect. People with CARB syndrome can develop up to 22 brain dysfunction symptoms that interfere with their ability to function. The primary symptom of CARB syndrome is sweet and starchy foods, press the very foods to eat that is your brain frying ask for more. At this point, people with common brain disorders are often incorrectly diagnosed as depression, ADHD, PTSD, autism, anxiety disorders, bipolar II, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and similar conditions. Because the brain regulate a key role in fat reserves playing, people begin to save too much fat, even if they lose muscle mass diet CARB syndrome.

We believe that the CARB syndrome is the most common disease in the advanced cultures, and it spreads toxic adopted in third world countries, as they our eating habits. It is not malnutrition from a lack of calories than malnourished because a sad affair, when people go many high-quality food.

If you want to be well fed, cut sugar, HFCs and high Glycemic carbohydrates, especially from cereals. Real food, no processed foods, and don’t be afraid of the healthy fats. The high carbohydrate, low fat diet led us in recent decades the trail of disease and malnutrition. If you value your health and brain, it is never too late to change.