Is the intermittent fasting right for you? PT. 2

In part one, we were a couple of the alleged advantages of the IF listed note (intermittent fasting) and some aspects, if you use this technique would. Now we something to share more of them and help you to decide whether IF is the right thing for you.

Here are some other factors to consider when you decide, if committed:

  • If your main goal is to not consider, develop your body, whether.If you click No fast-track training therapy with nothing more in mind than getting ripped for a photo to shoot, if the best choice. Continue intensive training sessions, you will get better results and at the same time reduce your calorie intake.
  • You tried to bulk up, a skinny guy when might be a good option for you.Guys are often first exert on more fat than muscle, in this position. Fasting one day a month could help that to win the fat, to manage without sacrificing the masses.
  • Maximize the impact of your fast day.Fasting for 24 hours is not a big deal if you a little willpower. But fasting from 17 Sunday 17 Monday is too easy. Better, fast from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning. Then you start eating again, you are not sleep – directly in your training program, are rolling again.
  • Quick if it’s easy to forget you are fasting.Plan your fast days for the busiest day of your week and get the double advantage of there you not only an opportunity, more accomplished (cooking, cleaning, and food does take time) to have… You will you will forget that you are hungry also committed to what you’re doing.
  • For a double whammy, exercise your fast days.Need much fat – 25 kg or more – losing, this could be a fantastic technique. Train two or three times on your fast days, and you’ll see many of the fat disappear in a hurry.
  • Bear in mind that there is little scientific research, IF it to supportThere has been not much reliable research about the effects of intermittent test, and most of what there was carried out on animals, makes the questionable results for the people. Test it yourself, rather than to accept reviews from others, because different people see different results.

On his Web site Dr. John Berardi emphasizes two main problems that exist across IF you probably see mentioned by the proponents do not:

#1 – A lack of information – as cited above, most existing research on animals has been completed. This requires applied alone in question the applicability of the results to humans. Moreover, not some of the tests with appropriate controls or fixed standards were performed, which their results questionable, even for animals.

Unfortunately such studies cost time and money, and it’s a little difficult to find sponsors who are willing, a study, the promotion not eat to finance. Apart from participants in a study expect to pay – are only a few people willing to for a whole day, certainly not without not eating some incentive.

Correct scientific testing procedures require uniform conditions, a control group, standardized measurement and recording methods and large enough to provide sample group of findings to valid information. To some scientific studies be conducted must be who hold intermittent fasting based their decision on anecdotal.

#2 – Comparison when test results on “normal” diet –The results of fasting for bodybuilders is completely different than those from someone on a conventional diet. Most of us in North America consume more than we burn, which eventually causes weight gain. The caloric surplus overcomes partial fasting.

Bodybuilder, on the other hand, always on the lookout when they burn, burn excess fat to eat less. Look at the test results for a group, a typical North American diet would have value only someone who does not follow a similar diet – to a bodybuilder.

Of course offers the us rise to the question whether the benefits to exist which to intermittent fasting seem are a result that fasting or just a result do not consume more energy, the we v