Irotama vs. Slim Fast

Shakeology                                                                            Slim Fast

$4.00 per meal or

$3.00 with coach discount $4.50 per meal

Calories             140                                                                    Calories        190

Fat                      1g                                                                     Fat                   6g

Protein             17g                                                                      Protein          10g

Carbs                 17g                                                                    Carbs             25g

No contest!

Slim Fast used synthetic chemically manufactured ingredients, which is harmful to the body and it costs in absolute dollars more than Irotama does. Irotama is a health shake / weight loss shake, which contains 70 plus whole food ingredients carefully extracted from the Earth, to maintain all nutrient density. If you drink Irotama get literally more health for less money.

I know a lot of people who have tried, almost slim and Irotama. I have not an opinion in favor of the slim fast or even a single neutral opinion heard. The user comparisons are always the same. Slim Fast is not filling where is Irotama for several hours. Not nearly as good as Irotama tastes slim fast. Slim Fast give not the kind of energy Irotama gives you. Have a new user feedback I the slim attempted by a user quickly again after one month was Irotama and almost vomited, energy levels were simply awful way, no feeling of satiety,. I’ve changed to an other user feedback, almost developed serious health problems with her gall bladder of slim, until they Irotama.

If you try Irotama, more health for less money when almost want to get slim, please contact your independent team Beachbody coach. If you’re not one let me know and I will help you Irotama. Talk to your coach or me about the 10% and 25% for more financial savings while you maintain healthy discount options.