International boat show 2011

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Exhibitors and visitors will be four days can combine amongst the elite of the boating world and show the latest trends, products, and services in the marine industry. It is the largest and most prestigious event of its kind, provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to show their were and for consumers, the choice of offer to browse.

In the Middle East, a hotspot in the luxury Yachting circuit, accounting for 33% of the entire fleet of superyachts become one world. It is here that the future of Yachting is located, and with the event held in the heart of the region, an unparalleled level of access to such personal use, exhibitors deprived of. Figures from last year show that about 90% of the visitors were in origin Middle East, while the regional distribution of the exhibitors with 47% from Europe and the Americas travel was far more eclectic.

The development of luxury of marinas in the area was extensively and in line with the continued growth of the as powerful economic state and lucrative tourist destination Dubai.

A wide range of services, from boat storage and transportation to the Marina software and marine financing to cover companies exhibiting at the fair. With more than 700 exhibitors expected, there is no shortage of ideas and inspiration, the imagination of thousands of visitors flock to the event to capture.

The show takes place at the Dubai International Marine Club in Mina Seyahi a 300 berth offers only a stone’s throw from Marina, breathtaking views and luxurious accommodation. The location is a perfect setting for this high-quality collection of boating enthusiasts, an ideal example of the luxury lifestyle, which accompanied the investment in such an industry.

Atlanta boat show – top 5 most frequently asked questions on this year’s boat show

Hello everyone, Rick Ostler here from North American waterway. Do you have no idea what the month means January of the boating industry? January is the beginning of the boat show season throughout North America.

To start the boat show season of the Atlanta boat show 2011 happened to January 13-16th 49Th annual show is located in the Georgia World Congress Center, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd., NW-Atlanta, GA.

I show representative Sarah Ryser caught recently with boat and I had the opportunity a few questions about this years show.

1. What would you say, is a “How-to how seminar” need to take during this year’s boat show?

We have a variety of free daily seminars and interactive courses for new and experienced sailors. The “basics of sonar’ by Ken Sturdivant is definitely a must.” Many participants have commented on how much they have learned from this seminar every year.

In addition, should the new sailing seminars by Windsong sailing Academy to be a hit with sailing enthusiasts, has been missing in recent years from the seminar lineup.

2. What has always been, or will be the “most popular exhibition”?

It is hard to qualify the most popular exhibition in Atlanta; boat show the majority of the local boat dealers have decorate their booths build, exceptional work to enhance the shopping experience for the participants.

In recent years, one was the features show, the affordability Pavilion, a big hit with visitors, but as the ground shows there boats distributors all over, which can be financed for $250 / month or less – a great stop for entry-level buyers.

Let’s go fishing Center is also a popular tourist destination at the fair. You can find out what’s new in fishing with daily seminars which are free of charge and the live demonstrations are great to to update and improve your skills fishing.

Features of the exhibition include:

Take in local professional fisheries experts demonstrate daily fishing seminars – cast along with current fishing techniques. The training will be for saltwater and freshwater fishing. You look a gift of Berkley fishing, how to get and make sure the Berkley enter dream tackle box fishing and gear competition, estimated at $350.

The 5,000 litre bass bath – this is really cool, a rare opportunity, the reaction seen fish strike with a much