How you can use the treadmill weight to lose and be healthy

Is a good question, and clay how long to every day should go mill around weight, burn fat on a tread to lose your muscles?

If you are not fit would be a good thing to do, walking between 10-15 minutes a day-do every day and then gradually longer.  You can be not physically fit at all and this could take the first time exercise seriously.

So, here is a good workout on the treadmill

First – Yes started with 10-15 minutes at 3 to 5 miles per hour and then try to increase the time to 30 minutes at this same speed, once you can do that, to increase slightly, how fast you’re going

Quite a few dope to reach as a man is 8 mph for a mile and a woman 6 to 7 miles per hour for a mile

If you are fit, then on a treadmill for approx. 1-5 must walk miles and once for 30 minutes can be run at a medium pace then stop time to improve, but improve the distance

For example, if you start with 5 m / h for 1 mile

Then you get your run up to 7 m / hour

Not for 8 miles an hour, try try and a half 7 miles an hour for 15 minutes or a mile

Consider 7 miles an hour for 20 minutes run can then run at 8 miles per hour for a mile

The other thing that is crucial to weight loss to use interval training! Training means for 2 minutes at sat 8 miles per hour walking interval then in 4 for 2 minutes then back to the races for 2 minutes at 8 miles per hour.

Switch between the two for faster results

You start slow and low speed to avoid sprained muscles, say 10 minutes, improve, by you 5 minutes every day, up to 30 minutes, and also, if you correctly he sweat out. It comes, how much you can take it. You can adjust the speed faster, if you think you’re fit enough to do so. On a treadmill walking is a very good exercise for people who want to lose weight fast and keep fit. But to be effective you need to eat clean foods and watching your carbohydrates and simple sugars intake. There are these two offenders that is converted in excess after digestion in the body fat.

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