How to prepare cheese boards and cheese boards

We hope that the following suggestions help to enjoy the planning of your party and your cheese. Contact please to experiment and expand on any of the ideas presented here.


First, how many people choose served will then decide what kind of setting or theme that you use for a Spanish or French style dinner, wine and cheese tasting party or a stand alone cheese Board have for example a cheese course. If this is determined it’s easy cheese per person charge. Figure that for a starter or a wine tasting party, around one the three cheese plate ounce of each cheese per person for a six cheeses make up will halve this parts setting.

A selection of cheeses or cheese plate is a collection of cheese, for the purposes of the tasting and compare or as an appetizer course are outlined. The cheese plate should each cheese is up of at least three and a maximum of six kinds of cheese, on a large serving area with his arranged ‘ own plate. The reason is that the selection varied enough to cheese of various countries, should be contain milks and textures (ie: soft, hard or semi-hard cheese) but not too many to overwhelm the palate of the guests. Might want to label each cheese and a brief description and country of origin. Offer more crackers, thinly sliced meat, olives, stewed fruit or jam, nuts and fresh fruit as accompaniment for cheese.

Essential settings such as a cheese course at dinner or a cheese plate you should serve 2 to 2 1/2 ounces of each cheese per person. These figures should to buy the cheese in the location, charge, but you should at least add and additional 1/2 lb of all is your cheese, so you just not caught. As the host, you can enjoy one of the leftovers the next day!

Serving area or presentation should not touch large enough, so that the cheese mixture while handled, prevents this mixing the aromas and flavors. Cut out small portions of each cheese and let your guests cut their own parts.

The cheese plate is essentially the same concept, except every dinner individually a small portion of each cheese is given on his plate. For larger gatherings serving plates with cheese are shown for each table and guests can choose their own parts and cheese. Try cheese in interesting shapes like wedges cut not only the usual cube because the eye appeal on each plate is added.

When serving cheese as a dinner course available, only a or selection pre-cut two and place them on each plate of Diners. Also sure spices such as olives, fruits, nuts, your guests with two or three cheese to stewed fruit or jams and of course crispy bread. Wines offered should represent the same country and region as the cheese.

A wine and cheese tasting party should contain also a diverse selection of cheeses (three to six species), but each should separately on its own plate or Board. In this sense, we want to create a history of cheese to be sampled. This progression can be designed in many ways to the theme of your party. What do we here as an example suppose you have a Spanish theme evening, would be the focus on Spanish cheese. So could this then Spanish cheeses from different types of milk such as sheep, goat and cow or texture, soft, hard, half-hard and choose fresh.

The next part is the off setting selection in order for taste tasting with the mildest and work up to the elegant and complex. To make your guests, to a number of different flavors available, that will build on each previous. For example could start Spanish theme with a mild goat cheese milk as Murcia al vino then Idiazabal, a smoked sheep’s milk cheese, and finally a strong blue cheese of Cabrales move on. When selecting a texture, the type of milk not important so once again go from fresh, soft to hard.

Cheese you can choose only hard or soft but then again go strong aroma from the mild taste. As already mentioned, are all your selection on individual serving plates or boards. Everything to make that go a little smoother every cheese in pre-cut small