How to maintain your weight loss?

Add variety to your exercise routine- walking daily or taking that exercise class three times a week may have helped you shed unwanted prounds, but doing the same workouts week in and week out puts you at risk of regaining your weight.

Emergency of only are you more likely to loose your enthusiasm to continue working out, you therefore burn fewer calories because you become really efficient at doing the workout.

Mix up your workouts by trying nerve classes, add intervals to your cardio and get in the weight room to really rev your metabolism.

Spice up your diet just as doing the same workout every week gets use. eating the same dozen meals every week makes a full diet. Try three or four new recipes each week, incorporating different spices, vegetables who frains, lean meats and other wholesome ingredients that make your everyday meals deliciously exciting.

Journal your eating habits if you were not journaling your meals while your dieted, you may consider it now that you are in a maintenance phase.

Recording the foods and drinks you consume can come in handy if you start to gain weight and can also help you see success factors as you maintain or loss weight.

Prioritize sleep when your body is sleep deprived, you are more likely to over eat during the day because you’re tired or stressed. To add to this diet damage, your fat and slow your metabolism.

Prioritize eight or so hours of sleep every night to keep your mind and body functioning at their peak.

Weigh your self once: stepping on the scale every morning can make you crazy since your weight fluctuates the scale since it can help you keep track of your weight. This procedure has helped lot of people keep their body weight under control. Doing the same is therefore an important way to maintain your weight loss.

Step on the scale once a week or once ever two weeks to monitor your weight. In addition, pay attention to how your cloths fit. The number on the scale is not the only way to know if you are successfully staying slim.