How to lose weight vegetarian

Always vegetarian does not mean that you will lose weight. It all depends on what you feed your stomach with and what you do to your body.

However, since they eat no meat, so you actually got an edge over meat-eaters, that your body not to deal with the toxins, residues of antibiotics and bacteria (E.g. Escherichia coli needs) come from meat. So you should take off in such a way easier when applying the vegetarian weight loss tips below.

Vegetarian Tip #1 – skip picking up no meals

If you are hungry and go to skip even a meal, breakfast, your body into starvation mode. During starvation, your body will slow down to save their metabolic rate energy until you fill your body with food. Lunch start to eat. But because your metabolism is running so slowly, your body can be just enough calories for energy, leaving the large remaining calories than fat stored metabolize.

Starving to the point even worse, which makes doubled after prolonged digestion and absorption. So if you skip meals, you will gain easier to lose weight instead of weight.

Lose weight vegetarian tip #2: eat more meals

If you eat more meals in a day, but in smaller portion sizes, you are in fact your body metabolically active throughout the day keep, because your body a continuous supply of food gradually becomes energy from food into a large meal from breakfast, lunch and dinner in the course of time always rather than a Gush.

The ideal number of vegetarian meals for effective weight loss – 5. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Your meals should loaded fiber-rich foods with complex carbohydrates, so you hungry as fast and simply not feeling make up.

Lose weight vegetarian tip #3 – stop sugar

Imagine yourself on the one hand you are eating vegetarian weight loss foods, on the other hand are weight gain foods, the bottom line revenue? You lose nothing.

Sugar belongs to the largest culprit that makes vegetarian fat and causes you to take off twice. This explains why more overweight vegetarians are manifested. And you will also learn that guarantees always a vegetarian not weight loss. It depends on what kind of vegetarian food that you eat. In other words, stop the recording of refined sugar completely.

If you use the previous tip and you eat more fibrous vegetarian foods, you should be able immediately to stop your craving for sugar and light, to lose weight.

Lose weight vegetarian tip #4 – give your stomach 70%

Your stomach may be not full. So, always feed your stomach to 70% abundance. It is a common problem for many people, even vegetarians only recognize, but they are 80 or even 100%-full 10-20 minutes after they eat. This is because your stomach about 10-20 minutes, say to your brain, your level of satiety, so if you eat, try several times to reduce your speed by chewing than usual. In this way they are not more than 70%.

To avoid wasting food, still for the exact portion size you need as far as possible, if you are requesting.

Lose weight vegetarian tip #5 – drinking zero calories

No drinks hit water, when it comes, stimulates your metabolism and help you lose excess body fat. You cannot change drink in water over night to get used to. Here is what you can do starting today, take 1/2 a glass for 2 days, then on the third day on a glass and so increase. You should be able to replace your unhealthy drinks with just plain water after 8 days. If you within 3 days, why not change?

Lose weight vegetarian tip #6 – active recovery during the exercise

A study on the cycling shows this interval cycling burns more fat than riding a bike at a steady pace. What does it mean? When you cycle quickly, then slowly then again accelerate your metabolism down for “active recovery” will get stronger. The same is true for every interest