How to lose weight and keep it off for life

If you are looking for ways to weight lose and keep off it and are frustrated with the show on television, read posters and magazines, the quick weight loss promise in this way.

I have lost 20 pounds by the slow path.  As well as the tortoise in the race with the Hare, I won the race with a plan slowly and steadily.

I hate diets, me and my willpower might as well be 0 (zero).  But I was told by my doctor that my blood pressure rises and I either had to go on medication or do something about my weight.  She gave me 3 months to try something.

Gave the push me I needed but where begin?  How to lose weight and keep it off for good?  I decided to see my food intake on most days of the week.  I have a bit of a pattern, so I saw some of my food and then spend an afternoon at the grocery store to see if I could find some replacement.

I was thrilled with the diet selection and did not want that something tasteless, so I started with the cheese.  I bought a good brand of low fat cheese, to replace my regular cheese on my sandwich ham and cheese at lunch at work.

I thought this was a good place to start.  I’ve also noticed no change in taste.  So, for a while, then started looking at other things put.  Like milk on my cereal.  I moved first to 1% and then milk slowly to skim, and saved a few more calories.  I decide, zero fat and calories change the taste of my sandwich from Mayo, mustard.

I then went for the afternoon snack.  I wanted to change my cookies for Karottensticks, as I, that I would only begin knew looking for something else to eat.  There is nothing wrong with carrot, to buy the sticks if you only do vision, carrot cookies it is not!  I found some cookies, not diet, just another brand that had less fat and calories used to make.

After a few weeks, I realized that I at least 250 calories or more out of my routine day cut was.  I noticed my pants getting a little loser.  After the first month I had lost 2 pounds.  That may be not much but I felt really, as I to lose, something it had not done.

I added a few flights of stairs to my day, either in the workplace or at home.  Each month held 2 pounds come from.  After a year I was 24 pounds.  In the same amount of time had lost weight with crazy diets and shakes my friends and back won.  I won the race with slow and steady fat loss and even proper food to eat, the I love.   Works for me.

Plus my blood pressure is down.  So slow some habits change, not at once to do it, and you will win the race and lose weight, and you hold them for good.