How to lose belly fat fast!

The belly is that the place we most hate our fat it is not?

This is where it starts and where it stops, that is, what we measure, you know the old question: “What is your waist line”?

This is what we see in the mirror after we shower and we can still see it when we put on our clothes.

That is, when people (or your MOM) say free things for you:

“Gee you are sure some belly fat on the”!

Maybe not tell women exactly with each other, but men certainly do. Men are cruel. We are tough and able to take it. But you get the point. It’s not free, and it hurts.

When we got to some extent, our belly precedes us in the room.

No wonder that we there want to get rid!

But have you noticed this?

Any diet, go to you… the belly is the last place to lose fat. It seems to come on her stomach first and last exit. Is it so to speak backwards, doesn’t it?

Earlier, I wrote about this question. I would grab a handful of my belly and I think: “this is not on the outside… some like it is on the inside.” “So, I need how much weight it get inside of my stomach to lose?”

Then I discovered what happened…

See the fat deposits around our bodies, because of the typical North American diet of sausages, hamburgers, steaks, processed carbohydrates and Coke, that’s our system in acidosis… it too acidic. Our organs can be damaged by the acid, so that the body they curdled fat for protection against the environment coats.

And the fat deposits around our bellies, because the same diet constantly puts the blood/insulin mechanism tips and our muscles in insulin resistance. Insulin’s job is to open no longer works the muscle cells to glucose, but this mechanism. So the sugar first calls our bellies than fat stored.
And what’s with a beer belly?

Well, the sad truth is that a beer gut has called it, because it is caused by drinking beer… not just alcohol but especially beer!

You see that the beer belly is a little different it has an extra dynamic range…; There are some hops (the taste ingredients in beer), which stretches the abdominal muscles and makes tell… This is like to the intestine.

So like or not… If you really want that to lose “Beer belly”, need to you to cut back on the beer!

Reduce alcohol consumption would be good for your health in General, but if you do not want to do then go drinks… you go to wine or Scotch and water… or Scotch and soda, if you must have some bubbles. But keep in mind that carbon dioxide in a carbonated beverage is leaching calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid, leading to osteoporosis.

Cut the hop and you can help… to do what the sagging muscles, the “fat” to lose the belly?

We have the body in an alkaline State get and we have the muscles, the blood sugar levels again to get shot.

Drink first… lots alkaline water. Natural un-carbonated source that best is water, if you can’t afford and Ionizer.

Second… Get off this highly refined carbohydrates, cookies, cakes and pop. Once you do this, start the fat, sharing of your belly as if by magic.

The first step in this process is the CARB-lust to kill!