How to get a body like Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is one of the most sought after beauties in Hollywood today. With a Mexican American decent born, is the 34-year old actress at 5 foot 2 inches tall. Not only she has a pretty face, style and grace, but she has a slim and well toned body figure that looks good from a party dress to a bikini into something. It is no wonder why she is a household name when it comes to the celebrity weight loss and she was feature in our pages on

The actress attracted attention in Hollywood, as soon as they started, in the TV series desperate housewives show her body figure take off. Eva confesses that she is confident to wear underwear and Bikinis for the show, which is in their contract. Have seen their loitering in this lingerie women, the questions, what are your weight loss of secrets? She engaged in a new weight loss program, diet pills, weight loss exercises? Read on and will be able to find out how her body got Eva.

Eva Longoria diet

For now is been told that Eva in the weight loss-diet-book is Skinny Bitch, her Lake Bell, a friend of hers was actress. Diet reviews Skinny Bitch is a funny best seller vegan diet book with weight-loss information, the vegan the best way to weight loss, which is done in a healthy way.

To have healthy weight loss you have to everything organic life on fruit, organic vegetables, grains, nuts, lentils, legumes – basically. The weight loss diet is high in fiber and rich in antioxidants, diet used tools that are to be taken from the wide variety of plant foods.

While Eva eats another fish, it has increased the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet. “I’m just lucky that everything I like is good for you,” she says. “I could eat all day vegetable.” I like fish and meat. I don’t really like carbohydrates. I love fruit, yogurt and nuts.”

Eva suits that healthy snacks, but she has a weakness for a sinful snack in the form of chocolate chip cookies that you eat since she was a child, and still does. She eat in fast-food, but pamper them with a cookie or a sweet dessert. It is like pizza and eat it twice a week.

Sample menu plan

Here is a sample menu plan from their weight loss program from what they usually every meal eats that you can use as a reference for weight-loss solutions:

Breakfast – Eva loves protein and it usually has an omelet, which can be cooked with diced Turkey, chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers. She eats breakfast with a serving of fresh fruit

Lunch – Eva is usually chicken for lunch. One of her favorite meals is stripped chicken cooked with peppers and currants in mango chutney FRY sauce. Lunch serve with salad and steamed vegetables.

Snack – have snacks, Eva of prefer Vanilla Yogurt

Dinner – Eva usually eats fish and one of their favorite meals of fresh salmon that bathes them with ginger lemon sauce, before will be grilled. She eats it with a dose of fresh sautéed asparagus and fresh green salad.

For their evening snack has Eva Apple slices with cheese or peanut butter.

Their exercise routine

Initially, Eva have not weight management problems, as she was a former cheerleader, gymnast, personal trainer and aerobics instructor. But when she saw the scarce wardrobe that character had to wear it for her desperate housewives, she got the motivation to lose weight and start weight-loss exercises.

“I knew that Gabrielle would be a sexy role, but I did not know how much lingerie, I would wear!” Eva with a laugh. “So I started working out.” My degree in Kinesiology is – it’s about the exercise. So is it in me to be healthy… but can I get lazy.”

Also a new trainer Aimet Victoria, which they had got together with the new diet discovery, Eva cardio and strength equipment training three-four times a week to do. Eva the gym four times a week to the practice applies to do to lose weight for an hour each session! She knows that lose regular weight exercises are the best way to leave to body fat,