How much CO2 you produce

It has been estimated by environmental experts, the latest world tour by Madonna 1635 tons of carbon dioxide released. And it is reported that an actress in China spent, money in the plantation recently, because the aircraft who took them in the year 2008 about 20 tons of exhaust gases had been released. Human activities are consumed energy. We have to admit that no matter what we do, we produce carbon dioxide. Then how much carbon dioxide we produce? We are not celebrities, and no expert would calculate it for us. But we can derive from us.

The calculation is not an expert but only a CO2 Calculator required. It can help to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide we produce through food, drink and even sleep. For example, the amount of an electronic unit is published 0,785 multiplied by the consumed power. And of a car equal to 2.7 times the amount of gasoline. Is it still confusing? Consider a simple example. If air conditioning is working in the summer, it cost 1.5 degrees of electricity. Then, there are approximately 10 kg over night. In the same way we can find out that transports much more to produce.

If we are not good at math, we have a choice. It is convenient to estimate the total amount according to the specific situation of the House, transport, population and environmental habits. Taken live, three members of our family for example in a small house. We all use public transport, and we are frugal. Then devoted to our family about two tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The average of Chinese families is usually about 20 tons of 2.7 tons, while an American family free.

There are some ways to reduce the share. For example, can drive most people not on a car. Shower instead of bathtub is proposed. We must strengthen the awareness that should begin release of carbon dioxide from our normal lives. First of all, we had better to use products less energy. For example, is a bottle 1.5 liter-far cheaper than three bottles, 500 ml. And a piece of paper could use at least two times. Secondly we could plant trees if possible. Trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide. But all 100 level power need a tree. In addition, the WWF provides four environmental Web sites for us to purchase the license of releasing. One is of them climate friendly. Of course there are many other methods.

The Earth is our home. We have to protect every minute. Maybe that is all about environmental protection in ten years our lives. The energy is from the Sun. The mobile phone tells us every week the release of carbon dioxide.