How many calories burn walking?

Become a popular strategy for people of all ages go to lose weight but if you are like many people, you burned may have a few questions about the actual calories walking and how this weight loss goal brings you closer to your.

E. G. What is burned the formula to work out the number of calories walking?

Walking is a great exercise that can help you to lose weight, and is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Not surprisingly, that many people want to know how long they need to walk and at what speed to lose weight.

Burned is the ratio calories walking and weight-what exactly?

But first, you need to understand how to relate your weight and calories.

A pound of fat is 3500 calories. You have to burn an additional 3500 calories in a week, lose one pound per week. Seems easy, right?

You have two options, those extra calories burn – cut back on your calorie intake or increase your activity level.

What is important, if you decide to go, which help you to lose weight is that you start slowly, travel, rather than the speed focuses more on the distance you. In the course of time, you can increase your speed and the distance you go every time.

So, what determines the number of calories burned walking?

To calculate the number of calories burned walking, you must consider your weight, the speed, you need to walk and the number of miles you walk.

If you are travelling with 2.5 km/h, and weigh 180 pounds, and you go 1 mile, they burned then 98 calories.

So if 2 miles 3 km/h travelling and you weigh 220 pounds, then you will burn 250 calories.

The faster you go, burn more calories walking, and because you use more muscles at the same time. As you swing your arms and get bigger steps companies burn additional calories.

If your calorie intake to reduce, is a possibility that you are planning to shed those extra pounds, you sure not to restrict your calories too far. What you do, not the same mistake many make and make your body think it is starving to death is.

Why are “starving” itself does not work

When your body feels that it will be starved, it goes into “Starvation mode”. So the next time you eat, automatically saves your body much of what you ate as fat, so it has a reserve of energy for the future. In fact, you are your body to store more fat teaching!

This typical Yo-Yo diet are everywhere!

The number of calories burned walking is determined by your weight, your speed and the distance you travel, and when you reach a target weight, you want to have, then maybe a brisk walk is just what you need!