How many calories are there in an egg?

If you know the number of calories in an egg, you in your weight loss to help efforts are interested in, we can help you this question answer and help you to understand the health benefits of eggs and the role which they can play, as part of a diet and weight loss plan.

The health benefits of eggs

Have you noticed, eggs have put an interesting topic for nutrition professionals for some time when it comes to compare cholesterol, providing they found in egg yolks to the diet. Setting their cholesterol content aside, for now, to some of the health benefits of eggs are:

  • Improved eye health– recent studies suggest, the eggs can be very good, because your eyes as they help to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Increased muscle– one egg provides 6 grams of protein and high-quality amino acids needed, to help build and maintain muscle.
  • Improved brain health and function– choline found support in egg brain function can and can play a role in reducing inflammation.
  • Reduced risk for breast cancer– a recent study suggests that women who consume at least six eggs per week can reduce the risk of breast cancer by more than 40%.

In addition, eggs provide a natural source of vitamin D and sulfur she can help to strengthen your hair and nails.

Calories in eggs

As a rule of thumb a large egg contains about 76 calories and protein, that they offer a very satisfying breakfast as part of any weight loss strategy can provide due to the high quality.

What is cholesterol?

It is no secret that can eggs have a high cholesterol level and high cholesterol diets cause cardiovascular disease and stroke. Health and nutrition experts often recommend that healthy people their cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg per day on average to limit (a large egg contains about 213 milligrams cholesterol). As with any dietary choice, prompted, to speak with a medical professional about the potential role of eggs for your particular diet.