: How is it lowers cholesterol By eating fat

The truth about cholesterol 

Every day more people are discovering that they have high cholesterol levels; and this is not surprising, because cholesterol is a health problem that affects people who are over weight, the 70% of the current population is.

Cholesterol is basically thick, that caused accumulates constipation and poor blood flow on the walls of arteries, veins and capillaries. This can be very dangerous to get heart and brain-specific good blood circulation to oxygen and nutrients. Finally can cholesterol blocked a vein or artery enough to stop the flow of blood, which can then cause stroke or heart failure.

Many people eat that any kind of fat under the misconception that all fats are bad and cause cholesterol. But just as it there are good fats (E.g. Omega fatty acids) and bad fats (such as saturated fatty acids), good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

In many cases, individuals are found, simply have to high bad cholesterol because they not enough food, the them the good cholesterol they need food supply, to fight evil.

In other words, you can not have cholesterol, because you eat too much red meat, but because you eat enough fish, avocados and nuts!

To combat cholesterol, it is vital to create a very balanced diet that contains many essential fatty acids and Omega – fatty acids, which help cleanse your body, the bad cholesterol, much as SOAP (which is often made from lard) cleans grease off your hands.

But in addition to a balanced diet, regular movement is essential for a healthy body, even if its only 30 minutes every day. People who suffer from cardiovascular problems, it is advisable that they evening or night exercise before going to bed, as this improves the general circulation through the night. Most heart attacks occur between 12: 00 and 07 and night-time exercise is a way to prevent this.

It is a vitamin that is recommended for everyone, must clear from cholesterol and improve blood circulation. This vitamin is niacin and has the amazing effect of even the smallest capillary venous blood flow.

Keep in mind that cholesterol is a health problem mainly due to poor eating habits. If you change your eating habits, you change your health.

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