How is FDA approved Alli weight loss pill help you lose pounds?

Alli (the over-the-counter name for orlistat) has been making waves among people striving to lose weight. It’s a weight loss pill, but is it effective? In a word, yes, but there are disadvantages as well. Read on to learn more.

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Orlistat is available in presciption form as xenical. It works by blocking 1/4th of fats being consumed from being absorbed by the body. Wait… does this mean that with Alli you can eat all the fatty food you want? No. Alli isn’t magic, you need to use it in conjunction with a diet plan that involves less fats. The reason for this will be discussed later on. Alli also has one special advantage over other ‘ diet pills’. It’s the only over-the-counter drug approved by the FDA for use in aiding weight loss.

Or greater body mass in 35.5% to 54.8% subjects in clinical studies, Alli has been shown to reduce 5%. 16.4% To 24.8%, the reduction which is 10% or more. When taken while following a weight loss diet plan, the results would be significantly larger. And not only that, it thus reduces the chances of subjects developing type 2 diabetes as.

When the participants stopped taking Alli, they regained a third of the weight they lost. But this rebound is typical in dieters anyway. The main disadvantage lies in Alli’s side effects. The higher the fat content in the food you eat, the more likely you will have digestive and bowel problem if you are taking Alli. This is because Alli causes your body to reject a higher amount of undigested fats, resulting in flatulence, loose stools, and bowel incontinence. The manufacturer’s website itself cautions about this. The side effect, however, is not harmful, but can lead to very embarassing situations.

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These side effects (or more accurately – treatment effects), can be lessened if you stick to low-fat meals or a diet plan. In fact, trying to stick to the diet to avoid the potential embarassment of the side effects can actually help you. Never forget that Alli is supplementary. You can not loose weight effectively with Alli alone. You need good diet plan to pair it with a and exercise. With that and dedication from you, you can improve your weight loss results by up to 50%.

Alli may not be a magic diet pill that melts away the fat, but it’s safe, tested, and has documented.6 results. All it needs is your commitment to adopt healthy eating habits. As always, ask your doctor first about Alli.

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