How do you know if you qualify for the lap band surgery?

Although many individuals the round band how to positive weight loss want to, may affect some of them no viable candidate for this. As with any surgery, there are quite invasive surgery is major risks and gastric bypass. Therefore ethical doctors will consider getting a medical history before deciding to go through this sort of operation.

The weight and age of the patient are some of the basic considerations for the lap-band operation. A patient should be aged 18-55 and over 100 pounds of weight or have a body mass index (BMI) of 35-39. For people with a BMI index, that is between 35-40, it committed to create, how does weight gain overall condition; However, individual with a BMI of 40 and over must not get the operation on the health problems associated weight.

The following is a list of other considerations, to see a doctor in the effort can be seen if you qualify for the lap band surgery.

Medical history

Medical history is very important, because it determines your ability, undergo an invasive surgery. For example, can individuals with blood clotting problems or cardiovascular problems not lap band surgery without serious complications during or after the procedure can be subjected.

Those who have a disease that can directly cause their obesity can also not for lap band surgery as well as. Are you are not sure what contributed to your weight gain advice to seek a full medical examination prior to your round band.


People, who smoke tend to have more postoperative issues than not and can extend their recovery time to develop. A smoker who really wants to change their lifestyle and get in the fast lane in the direction of weight loss should be smoking before their operation.


If you lead a sedentary life, eat tons of junk food and lead a hectic, stress filled life your doctor ask you to change these things before lap band surgery. If this seems impossible to do, you have to specialists a certified behavior, healthier attitude to considered seriously for the lap-band to think to look.
Nutrition and movement history

It is absolutely necessary to determine whether the patient with limited alternative methods of weight loss attempts without success has. This is to prevent all solution to weight gain by Lap-Band as a remedy the abuse. Those who have tried, a program of nutrition and movement in front of the search after the lap-band procedure are also most likely to follow the round band, meal and exercise plan after surgery, which is essential to the success of this operation.

Pre-op testing

To ensure the success of Lap Band Surgery, a doctor awarded runs a series of diagnostic tests of your ongoing health and viability for surgery. Some of the tests can include ultra sounds, CAT scans, X-rays and analysis of blood and urine. If these tests are normal, you will in the next levels of evaluation, to see that mental ones to get your mental preparation for the procedure. As soon as all relevant information is gathered, you can start the long preoperative preparation of Lap-Band Surgery.

Is the lap-band for you?

If you to want to lose weight and don’t mind contact extreme lifestyle changes, you have a local you certified bariatric physician next for advice. He is able to explain the process, beyond the risks and evaluate if Lap Band Surgery is right for you.

Want to look and feel your best, the first step in the direction of is more fulfilling lives a rich. With the right attitude, the gastric band can help you reach these goals