How Adam Sandler taught me to eat healthy

The other day, a friend of mine told me that I “click just the movie” starring Adam Sandler. Seeing that I was, as he called it, said he “too personal development stuff”, that he thought I’d like it. Now that Adam Sandler has never struck me as a “personal development guru”, was enough to see the movie intrigue enough to me…

The show is really very good and has a great moral fact (although I would like to point out that common vulgar bathroom humor… supplied with much of Sandler’s, so don’t say I don’t warn you be quick). Long story short – it is a modern-day “it’s a wonderful life” where the main character realizes that his career is not worth the price of his family… good feel-sort of thing.

But not the part of the film, remained this which most in the memory.

It was really just a small line in the script that came and went so fast, that most people register it would not. But it was deep…

It’s so…

Sandler’s character, Michael, it seems, has a taste for Twinkies and other junk food. His strange new friend named “Morty” (Christopher Walken – who him the magic remote control, which is “forward” in the future can), makes a simple, yet powerful observation about his eating habits…

He says: “Michael, the food (on the subject of junk-food) to your death, your life is”.

What is especially exciting about this statement is that later in the movie, that Michael has revealed a new friend, “Morty” is a really an Angel…

…He is the Angel of death.

Don’t worry, this is not only a further talk about junk food. It goes deeper, the hopefully. The reason that this statement by Morty, the Angel of death, met me (except for the fact that I was eating popcorn and drinking a Coke, as I it…)Yes heard “free days I like to my favorites”) I realised that there no neutral middle ground or “ballistic”. Every little thing we do either brings us closer to destruction or closer to the life that we really want.

The fact is – all food, which has to take you in the mouth, either positive or a damaging effect. Fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods help the body, while junk-food – slowly destroyed.

However, the reason why so many people fall, “is just a Twinkie,” is that it takes so long to notice that most of us think that nothing bad has happened. Since we do not the badge snake can see in our arteries, or because we don’t feel bad figure we we have “good genes” (or some other lie we tell us) and somehow we will learn the truth to cheat. But that’s not how it works. With time, we realize that what we have done, it is often too late. We can at the 50 pounds of end of overweight with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.
And on a side note… this kind of thinking can also work against us in other important parts of our lives, if we let it happen:

-How, if we are to “toxic” negative people. Gradually, we accept their attitude and before we know it… We are one of them.

-If we shout our children for the ten thousandth time, and praise for the good things that hold them back. Slowly but surely the walls rise and our behavior will help turn them into the “nightmare” immigrated, we feared that… has been created.

-If we simply talk about a higher financial success, but never go to, to do something about it.

We spend our lives working, to a stranger, dreams happen just to make at the end of the bitter and resentful, and on a fixed income.

The good news is that you can change your behavior and attitude about diet and exercise (and all parts of your life), if you chose will lead to inevitable success.

How? By deliberately small, seemingly unimportant decisions make the right day and day one. This is not to make use of the successful minority and majority of unsuccessful.

The truth is, there’s enough “How-to” weight-loss “Gurus” and “Plans” in the world right now for everyone to be incredibly confused. People need no longer “how-to” weight-loss programs. You need more “do” – solutions. Think a moment about it…66.3% of Americans are overweight, and that it is estimated that to shoot up to 75% in 2015, if we change our behavior does not. Look, is easy to do it, to get the things day to day, what it takes be successful at weight loss. Problem Is…i