Homemade Super catfish dough bait recipe

If you want to really live a huge catfish catch, then, or cut bait is the way to go. But if you just a mess of food medium channel cats, then you try your own bait might want. Commercial dough baits are available, but it’s more fun to your individual wishes.

Include with, say most ingredients, a pronounced bouquet. Catfish have an incredible sense of smell and are attracted to all other strong-smelling. Here are a few recipes to get started.

1 Pound to melt Velveeta cheese for approx. 1 minute in the microwave. Chop then 6-8 ounces raw chicken liver. Add the cheese. Then, add a healthy spoonful of minced garlic or garlic powder. Then mix in 1 can of dog or cat food, and add to give a dozen minnows and enough flour to the consistency of a dough. Mix in a food processor.

This bait is the best treble hook or bait tubes.
Cajun bait

In a blender, mix approx. 1 pound sliced fish (rotten minnows can be good). Add 1/3 cup of water, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, 1 package cherry Jello, 1/4 cup molasses, 3 take 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, onion salt and garlic, salt, 1 cup bread crumbs, and..

Enter remove this mixture in a mixing bowl. Thickening flour to work dough by hand. To use, easy way a small piece clamps, roll it into a ball and place on the #4 treble hook.

Old man liver
Put in a blender give a half box corn flakes, 1/2 cup garlic powder, 1/3 cup a pound of chicken livers, each: Parmesan cheese-molasses sugar. Mix well place in small dishes and freeze do not have to use because this lure very quickly will spoil. At best, if in the freshly used. Flour to thicken if needed.
Some other things you can do to a package of old hot dogs in 3/4 “cracks cut. Get a bottle of fish oil in an Oriental store (mackerel works best), then fill a glass. Use the weenie-pieces into the oil, replace the glass firmly and at least allow to soak overnight in the refrigerator. To use, simply a piece on the hook and you gently out.

Actually, catfish bait is pretty straight-forward. All the recipes have these things in common. Catfish bait consists of 3 things. A base, a binder/thickening agent/diluent and taste/smell. The base is, what holds them together and makes it on the hooks remain.

Typical bases are flour, cornmeal, oats, and corn flakes or a combination thereof. The binder is usually water, the dough but facilitate oil from fish, soda, Kool-Aid, and almost any liquid can be used.

Flavors include meat, rotten and otherwise, bloody and smellier, the better hot dogs dog food, cat food, cheese, lazy and otherwise, canned tuna, shrimp and crab meat, canned chicken, ham, potted meat, Viennese sausages, etc…