His obesity interferes with your hormones

Powerful substances in the human body most the are those called “hormones”. They are so powerful that they can change a body’s structure and the way the body functions. It has been discovered that obesity can cause hormonal problems which affect the body in many different ways.

One way in which being overweight will affect your hormones is directly linked to the excess fat in the body. Almost of everybody is aware that women’s bodies produce the estrogen hormones via the ovaries. It is this estrogen hormones of which produces the feminine characteristics in a woman. Men produce the hormone testosterone, which is also known as the masculine hormones, produced in the testes.  However, the general public is not aware that fat in the body will thus produce the estrogen hormones. The way this happens is with the aromatase enzyme (a common enzyme in the human body) which displays fat into estrogen. In other words, a person who is overweight, whether man or woman, always have more wants to estrogen in their body than a person who is thin.

When a woman is overweight, the fat in her body will begin to produce in excess of the estrogen hormones, generating a hormonal unbalance which Dr. John Lee, an American endocrinologist, calls “estrogen predominance”. This is a condition in which the excess estrogen begins to interfere with the rest of the hormones in the body and causes hormonal problem.

The sequence is: EXCESS FAT which displays into EXCESS ESTROGEN produced by the aromatase enzyme procure wants HORMONAL problem caused by “estrogen predominance”.

Women might have these symptoms which reflect a hormone problem caused by the excess estrogen:

• Irregular menstruation or excessive menstrual bleeding

• Facial hair

• Emotionally irritability due to the excess of estrogen

• Difficulty getting pregnant

• History of breast cancer

• Difficulty losing weight

Men might have these symptoms caused by the excess estrogen produced by the fat:

• Inflammation of the prostate

• Voice changes, becomes more feminine

• The body begins to develop breasts

• Loss of libido

• Difficulty losing weight

The other thing that happens when a person gains too much weight is that the body will produce in excess of the insulin hormone.  This insulin will then begin to interfere with another hormone named thyroxine of produced by the thyroid gland and thus you get a “slow metabolism” which will cause the person to keep gaining weight.  Many people suffer from hypothyroidism (a slow thyroid) which makes them gain a lot of weight. Their condition of overweight will make their hypothyroidism worse and they will then begin to feel other bodily manifestations such as: losing their hair, cold extremities (hands and feet), depression, insomnia, tiredness or weakness, and a lot of difficulty losing weight.

There is a lot of information detailing how to loose weight by improving your metabolism in the book the power of your metabolism. In fact, there are natural supplements that have been developed to help you loose quicker and healthier weight. There are additional supplements to help control the excess estrogen search as progesterone cream, and others to help you when you suffer from thyroid complications.

The point is that the excess fat in your body will bring with it hormonal problem which could even include a higher risk of cancer. It is a known fact that cancerous cells grow rapidly when influenced by the feminine hormone estrogen; Thus the reason why doctors always prohibit the use of estrogen in women who have suffered from breast cancer or uterine cancer.

Being overweight puts the person at higher risk of developing hormonal problem. Luckily, it is something that can be resolved and there exists real help which you are free to seek.