HCG weight loss results

HCG weight loss

Losing weight is a challenge for millions of people. Levels of epidemic proportions reached obesity of the nation…We have to realize the true cause before the change. Our lives have been filled with expectations of deadlines and mass produced high-calorie foods. If you are over weight, you have successfully the pounds to shed many challenges ahead. The biggest problem is in fact no time. No time for regular exercise, no time for healthy meals form new! The HCG diet plan is a real solution.

The best thing to say is the fact about the HCG diet that you don’t have to get involved, to be successful in hours of rigorous exercise. The meals are easy to prepare.  Thus we solved the problem! Another problem of the weight loss is bad information. We are always on the lookout to celebrity diets or spending hundreds if not thousands on loss quickly more frustrated weight systems and products that do not work and let as before. How much weight can you lose? Imagine if you started you could be today 50 pounds lighterwith 45 days . What would you do? Much better health, stronger self-esteem better success rate in relationship and career. You can change your life! Everything that is needed to do the choosing, and the correct information that you take. Bottom line, don’t waste money, hours burn your buns on an elliptical galaxy, break your back in a squat rack or running mile after mile until your feet bleed to stop.The HCG diet is easy to follow and very cheap to implement.

The HCG diet plan contains four basic phases

Phase one of the gorging phase HCG start additional drop eating high-fat and live out

Phase two: the strict 500 calories and HCG drops surcharge period

Phase 3: 72 hours 500 calorie diet with out the drops, follow-up of maintance period of three weeks. Eat more, but yet with limitations

Phase four: Lifestyle changes and success continue “keep the weight way of permanently”

HCG 500 calorie diet

This information give you a quick snapshot of what you need and how it works is phase one , what I call the gorging phase. Simply put, eating you as much you want what you want. High-fat carbohydrates sugar no problem! You also start, with the additional HCG drops. When you start HCG, I would suggest strongly to celebrate these two days. It will help to give an extra mental edge when you start!

Phase two is, when fun ends you and work starts. This phase requires successful to follow strict dietary guidelines and additional drops. They are three times per day with low fat protein food. Need a vegetable portion and a portion of the approved fruit. You must limit your protein portion to 8 ounces a day. Before the meal periods to take the additional drops. You have to take 10 drops of the appropriate at least fifteen minutes before the meal.  The duration of this phase for forty-five days. During this time, you can expect to lose one to two pounds per day

Three-phase called the Maitanence phase. For the first three days, they are still on the 500-calorie diet. However you are finished, take the drop. Then you follow a period increase the calorie intake up to 2000 calories per day. During this time, it is very important, also continue to stay away from sugar and starch. During this time, you should start or continue an Excersie of type of.

Phase four is easy to change your previous lifestyle. Regular exercise and a balance diet, three regular meals with reasonable portions. You should further restrict the amount of sugar and carbohydrates at this time. If you keep only with old-school food pyramid structure you will be successful.

HCG diet food

HCG is a simple plan to follow. But the plan a draw back, its food selection has. Limit your calorie intake and eating like a rabbit sucks. I can not imagine ways. My wife tried the diet twice. The fist, which has lose weight and fast