HCG diet phase 3 foods rejuvenate your metabolic system

HCG diet phase 3 foods are very important part of the hCG weight loss diet plan:
HCG diet phase 3 foods are very important part of the hCG weight loss diet plan and is not like other diets you’ve ever tried. This diet requires that you developed your body and mind through certain phases of hCG, to achieve optimal results.

To harvest stage 3 foods to pay the guaranteed weight loss, do the hcg diet:
If you precisely follow the phases of hCG, you will reap rewards and benefits you never held. The hCG plan is based on a diet that is combined with the synthetic hormone injections of hCG or Sublingual drops. How a decision to try the diet approach, keep in mind, that would complete the phases of hCG for best results and long-lasting effects.

Confusion about the hCG diet phases?
The hCG diet plan is becoming increasingly popular, but there is some confusion about the hCG diet phases. The confusion is plan usually connected to the difference between the late Dr. Simeons hCG and Kevin Trudeau from.

hcg diet phase 1:
Both men taught the hCG weight-loss plan, but the hCG phases, which suggest they are a bit different. Trudeau recommends cleaning, in phase 1 of the plan and is required before you take in a large amount of calories.
Phase 1 of the Dr. Simeons hCG plan not include system cleaning. Simeons plan calls you “calorie, food, cheese, cream sauces, avocados and other food grease laden boot up”. The theory of caloric increase of the phase 1 is that your body informs that calories are a surplus of fat is ingested will – and must be burned.

HCG diet phase 2:
During phase 2 of the hCG diet phases, you begin, what probably is the most important part of the hCG diet plan. Start drops to hCG hormone injections or Sublingual daily for 20 to 40 days, depending on how much you want to lose weight. Phase 2 includes also an extremely low-calorie diet. Every day you are on phase 2, you’ll eat no more than 500 calories.

Even if you are no amount of calories intake, your hypothalamus is gland to stimulate work day to metabolism, so you’re burning stored fat calories – and this is what leads to weight loss. The hCG hormone acts to stimulate the gland, so it does its work much more efficiently and actually puts your metabolism. That is, why people, who through the hCG, the phases of reports, the weight have not shown that went after the hormones take over and go back to a normal diet. Keeps your metabolism working.

HCG diet phase 3 food:
After phase 1 and 2 of the hCG diet plan, hcg diet phase 3 food seems relatively easy. You start the hcg diet phase 3 food was the very restrictive part of the plan on the day immediately after the last day of phase 2 phase 2, where you took hCG injections or Sublingual drops. Now will do any kind of food to eat, you want – and as much as you want. But there are some exceptions

The hcg diet phase 3 is the maintenance phase:
The hcg diet phase 3 is the maintenance phase. This phase lasts three weeks before you go again in phase 1 again and through the “calories” charging phase. If you again to add another week on phase 3. How many rounds you choose depends on the hCG diet plan to be on the amount of weight you want to lose / must.

A round of hCG, the phases could be everything, that you need, but if you fit into the overweight category, it takes to lose the weight more than three or four rounds in front of you all. Also, the diet restrictions are significantly less on the second round, i.e. You can add more food and absorb more calories than if you were in the first round.

It is important that you stick to the plan of the three phases of hCG. Any deviation from the original plan could mean that not as many harvest – or to lose so much weight.

Foods that are forbidden during the hcg diet phase 3:

• Sugar, honey, molasses, dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup or sweetener.
• Strengthen, including all wheat products, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, yams, etc..
• Artificial sweeteners
• Fast food
• Contain food, nitrates
• K