Hair loss and scalp problems and what to do.

Twice a day I have an oily scalp and I wash my hair. My forehead is back, and is also my top thinning.I’m worried about my physical appearance if the problem still persists. You can advise me what I can do to improve my current state.You probably suffer from androgenetic thinning (male pattern baldness). This is a hereditary disease. Responding to an enzyme called 5-Alphareductase in di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) to convert the production of testosterone on the top of the scalp.Excessive DHT inhibits hair growth or shortens the growth cycle. It increases the production of oil.

Stress can aggravate the situation. You should shampoo and a little less stressful lifestyle living go to twice a day. You may want to also have, your hair and scalp analyzed by a professional hair – by phone and speak with one of our Trichologists.Ich am in my early twenties. I noticed a bald spot in the middle of my head and my hair is falling at an alarming rate and my sink clogged every day when I wash my hair. Please tell me, what can I do about this problem to do. It is severely affected my confidence.Bald, alopecia areata, where a group of white blood cells attacking the skin or the hair follicles could place. This problem can be caused by viral infections, vaccinations, trauma to the skin or stress. If the hair is falling at an alarming rate, this could by Telogen effluvium (telogen abruptly change anagen phase) or loose-anagen syndrome (despite the growth cycle of the hair can be easily shed by combing and shampooing). This condition changes prematurely dying stage of the growth cycle. Therefore normal hair cycle has been changed, what cause severe hair fall. Usually for those who are trying to lose, by they suffer protein in their diet weight quickly the problem. About 3 months ago held a serious trauma or stress could disrupt the cycle of hair. It is best to talk before any form of treatment can be recommended one of our Trichologists. Both these problems are temporary and can be helped if treated quickly.

Hair loss after pregnancy, I have given birth recently and my baby is 3 months old. I’m some hair loss problems experience. I was told this I is temporary due to the hormonal changes in my body but kind of concern because I have in General not thick hair. You can advise me what I can do, to make the hair fall to reduce lost during this period. As a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy is your hair probably of the Feinsten.Normalerweise is the growth (anagen) phase extend. Henceforth after the birth of the hormonal changes back, thus falls the cumulative amount of hair. That should have fallen during the pregnancy. The hair that are falling, falls should grow back but your concerns on that. Help clean and healthy scalp with balanced diet would, but phone and speak directly with one of our Trichologists in the hair Centre for advice and they help you to strengthen and nourish hair follicles, give your hair the best texture. When you visit the practice, will be seen by an experienced Trichologist, checks your hair and scalp to check through your medical history accurately and thoroughly. Once the diagnosis is determined if treatment is recommended, we will provide you to provide the most effective and up-to-date trichological medications for home use.