“Guidelines when eating high roughage for effective weight loss”


“People say that do no walk in the Park is.”  When I hear that I think Yes.

That’s the problem.”

~ Chris Adams

This is its your lucky day! Why do you ask? It’s easy, because you read this wonderful article are. Plus, first of all, I would like to just this report with these simple questions?  Are you one of those people looking for a way of life, which sensibly take off?

Keep the weight off permanently? And this joy of eating during the experience? If the answers to these questions is “Yes”, then you can begin to celebrate now! As this is the article which allows you to do just that. You can contact your eye-balls to do so.

The first and most important guideline begins now! Please read carefully, even if you to read it Word for Word. Right?

“Spices war cry hot and mind-blowing guideline to reduce # 1:” to a minimum.

Here it is. Something else which is also very important. There are two reasons for this.  First “hot” spices usually used “to increase consumption of cereal grain products from Brown rice, hamburger buns. Secondly most enjoys such as steak sauce, pickle relish, ketchup, etc., are rich in refined sugars all flour products exclusively by one of the following types of flour should: wholemeal rye flour whole wheat flour soybean meal whole ground corn flour buckwheat flour (whole grain) carob four. Get my drift?

Mind-blowing guideline No. 2: should contain only these flours for bread, without refined added sugar and a minimum amount of shortening.

So what I say, that there should be other products of flour in a similar way.  Many of these points can be purchased in health food stores finished shops but read the labels carefully to be sure, they contain only these flours and no refined sugar added. Trust me, one of the ironies of the “modem” is merchandising that we to buy our daily nutrition in two kinds of shops: health food stores and implicitly unhealthy “grocery stores.

Without any more ink waste, let’s move on the next mind blowing guidelines three! Are you ready? Then scroll move easily and with me!

Mind-blowing guideline No. 3. All “synthetic” products to avoid;

Correct me if I’m wrong. Furthermore, I believe that such products are invariably low roughage and affect your diet success. These include items such as synthetic topping, artificial cream, non-dairy creamer and imitation whipped cream of slightly similar. Let not your eyes, your reasoning makes blind. Looks can deceive tricks on our eyes and indeed were. You can trust me!

Next! What are you doing to read, it’s not rocket science, but just understand how ABC. Only you do not blindly believe me. Read this carefully and show me that you are right! Ok?

Mind-blowing guideline No. 4 food you none of the high sugar, high strength elements, the menus everywhere clutter.

To be brutally honest! And right to the point. I have to admit that such foods contain all “commercial” baked goods, ice cream, ice cream ‘ milk, imitation ice cream, imitation ice cream sorbet, “commercial” candy, sugar-containing soft drinks, milk, presweetened cereals, and–all other products refined with ultra processed flour and sugar. This list can go longer. But suffice it to say that we sometimes have to do our own private r & D in order to protect our healthy eating habits.

You can enjoy here a moment ago, we stop our March to the next guideline! Honestly leave me here and now. OK, I know that you are up to the fourth directive probably shake your head after reading. But believe me, read the latest directive. Believe me, you will be well rewarded. Agreed?

Mind-blowing guideline No. 5 avoid you alcoholic drinks.

I will not lie, it is not easy to get to the point where I am, but it’s not too complicated! Well, unfortunately there is no place for alcoholic beverages on this diet. Or other medically proven diet for that matter. Ethyl alcohol, the kind that is “alcoholic” beverages in all is quickly converted into sugars in the body. It is a low roughage (understated) dinners and the whole diet