Green tea has caffeine?

If you wonder green tea has caffeine, the answer is “Yes”, but the amount varies.  Here’s a little Q & A with you can good drinks decisions and even find the best nutritional supplements.

Does green tea contain caffeine at the same height as black tea?

Many sources explaining that green tea are less than black, but that’s not necessarily true.  Some varieties have the same amount.  The caffeine content of green varieties varies between 30 mg and 50 mg per 8 oz Cup, more or less depending on several factors off.  Black teas on average 47 mg per Cup.  That means the real answer to green tea have caffeine is just black varieties “maybe”.

Green tea contains caffeine equal what you going to find in coffee or soda?

A 8 oz Cup drip coffee brewed contains 95 mg.  A 16 oz. of Starbucks café latte contains 150mg and contains 330mg of “Grade”.  Soft drinks have different amounts depending on the brand.  The soda with the highest caffeine content is Mountain Dew, 54 mg per 12 ounces.  When your application receives up to 500 mg per day of caffeine, you will likely problems such as sleep disorders, headaches and nervousness to start.

Is green tea contain caffeine if you do it at home?

Brewing at home, is one of the major variables.  The leaves are longer allowed, seep, the caffeine content is higher.  The amount also depends on the country where the leaves were grown.  For example, tend to be those grown in India, more than others have.  If you are worried about the response on green tea does caffeine, use a shorter time to the brewing.

Is green tea contain caffeine if you buy it in bottles from a store?

Most of these bottles contain not really lots of tea drinks.  Have caffeine green tea so if it is filled?  8 Oz of SoBe regular contains only 14mg / 8 oz.  Of course, you have the double for a 16 oz. bottle.  The highest caffeine drinks are these energy drinks.  They claim that the “jerk” of green tea, ginseng and other herbs but the stimulating effect which these drinks to get you really is due to caffeine, not herb originates.  If you want to really improve your energy level, start taking a good nutritional supplement instead.

Is green tea contain caffeine when it is used in food supplements?

The amount, which is the best nutritional supplements is minute, less than one milligram per serving.  Many health benefits are be believed, associated to the antioxidants in green and black teas.  Antioxidants are good for your health.  You protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals and other functions.  They help you longer, disease-free lives.

Well, you know the answer, green tea has caffeine, may want to learn about the benefits of antioxidants and other nutrients.  All benefit from an excellent nutritional supplement. If you’ve got two minutes, now take a look at my website.