Gastric sleeve surgery: Weight loss in India at cheaper Council

The gastric sleeve in India is one of the most popular procedures known vertical sleeve Gastrectomy, vertical gastroplasty, greater curvature Gastrectomy, partial Gastrectomy, gastric reduction, and sleeve gastroplasty. This article discusses about gastric sleeve, how it works, the advantage to keep in mind when considering this procedure. So, at the end some hospital of suggester are provided. Gastric sleeve in India as a weight loss procedure is available at cheaper Council.

In the first stage of the gastric sleeve is that the surgeon creates a tube out of the stomach by using staples. The portion of the stomach that is stapled out is them removed. This results in a small sized stomach, which takes a shape of a “sleeve” or a “banana” or a “tube”. According to a published scientific research a hormone called ‘GHRELIN’ makes people hungry, slows metabolism and decreases the body’s ability to burn fat. This hormone is produced in the stomach. Gastric sleeve surgery removes the section of the stomach in which ghrelin is produced. The non production of this hunger relating hormones results in preventing on increase in appetite. Thus sleeve surgery works in two ways to become in effective weight loss surgery. One by reducing the stomach size to accommodate excess food & secondly reducing the hormones that create craving for food. This is the reason gastric sleeve surgery is believed to be superior by many doctors.

The interesting part of gastric sleeve in India is that about 50 percent of patients hardly require the second stage of operation. This is because they already loose a good amount of weight through the first stage and need no further surgery. There have been patients who have lost up to 70 percent of their extra weight through gastric sleeve at economical prices. Medical tourism experts in India who facilitate surgery & medical treatment provides you the gastric sleeve at weight loss treatment centersat cheap prices compared to the US and Europe, along with the guidance of our expert surgeons who could assist you with your total treatment of gastric sleeve, in India. For further assistance on thegastric sleeve visit as or e-mail US for a price quote at