Gastric bypass – everything you need to know

In the United States, one of the most popular medical procedures is a Gastric bypass. The operation is carried out by producing a bag at the top of the stomach along with a plastic tape or surgical Staples, so minimize the size of it. A part of the upper intestinal tract is redirected in the stomach will be permanently separated and divided. This form of weight loss surgery ensure that you less food, food are, how full you feel much faster. Therefore, you will become the overweight shredding, because your body will take fewer calories.

Before any surgery said, you can find a lot of things you might first think. It is really important to mentally be prepared before going through the process of Gastric bypass. Trying to evaluate who has it, and read the benefits against the risks the experience of gastric bypass forums too, so it is possible to decide whether the risks, which are value. This medical procedure is also within the United States as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. But it is certainly another way of operation, this is a special is much more common in Europe and are known as Laparoscopic gastric bypass or gastric banding. Although this procedure have also a small pouch at the top of the stomach will not be redirected in the intestine, because there is an opening in the direction of the lower part of the stomach.

After the Gastric bypass operation, the meal pattern will be changed permanently. The patient must follow a gastric bypass diet, because if you don’t, you want to be that given the fact that they vomiting and will suffer in complaints. Patients of this medical procedure should really concern the following items;

o eat only a small amount of food at one time considering that the stomach can absorb only a tiny amount of food.

o avoid drinking liquids 30 minutes before and after meal considering that of the stomach not both can record.

o food as it slow down, as is possible, and chew, so much as you able to be, although the food is in your mouth.

o in the event that you really start feeling, a kind of weakness with vitamins and minerals soon after consultation with your doctor.

o try to avoid sweets contains much simple sugar, since this may become a problem called dumping syndrome, which can cause, tremors, dizziness, fast pulse, sweating and severe diarrhea may result in

Like other Roux-en-Y has joined that even his own share of hazards, with the process. Several common complications and unwanted side effects are:

o dumping likely patients syndrome for the case, that he is only its food care not to endure. Enriched to such sugar and red meat food could be the cause.

o gallstones and gallbladder infections, quite widespread, especially when someone lose fat quickly.

o be yet another concern of leakage of food from the stomach, belly, even so, this may be a rare opportunity.

o blood clots, really rare situation for individuals in this type of operation.