From doer twist 360-degree approach to total body fitness

12 years ago, a revolutionary product shocked the world of fitness. Millions of people from over 80 countries experienced his incredible results, and the most successful TV fitness product ever was a worldwide phenomenon-AB-doer. But it is time for a quantum leap forward. The introduction of the new AB doer completely revised twist, and newly constructed, with over a dozen new features. It is the 360-degree approach to total body fitness. Dramatic shed you pounds and get the sensational washboard abs, which you have always dreamed of, and more fun than you ever thought possible.

It was fun, it’s easy, and at the same time, it is very, very comfortable.

I don’t know what’s going on with the fat. Just melted.

I was shocked that something so just do me such awesome results would give.

Do all this stuff, and it’s like “wow, that thing really works.”

Announcer: What is the secret of the AB doer twist? Biometric synergy. Building muscle mass, you pull your core and aerobic scorching way calories, all at the same time. Guests can enjoy an entertaining and exhilarating total total body workout in just a few minutes a day.

The AB-doer is the first abdominal machine in the world you can do aerobic activity from a seated position. Are swings, you turn, you are wiggling, you do all of these different body bending movements, muscle building and fat burning, all at the same time.

Announcer: Just sit down and you’re immediately in the ideal position, supported, while the padded roll gives you a great therapeutic massage, even while you watch TV. Multiply your results, reduce your workout time to and delete those stubborn love handles a for once out. Come to see scientific evidence, you have to believe and AB-doer twist success stories from around the world. In addition, the largest makers meet the more than 120 pounds, lost. And stay tuned to find out how you can try twist the AB doer in your home before you buy it for only $14.95. We also guarantee that you’ll lose 10 pounds in your first 10 days or return it and pay any cent more. So join Olympic champion of Summer Sanders, as they let us us on the next evolution in the fitness-presents the AB doer twist.

Hello, everyone. I’m summer Sanders. Welcome in my house. I’m here to discuss something with you speak, this is really important for me. As a professional and the mother of two young children, I am pretty busy, and let us be the reality is honestly, sometimes I don’t have the time or the energy just have to get to the gym. Pound for pound, begins so the weight does not sneak up on you, and it until one day you down your midsection look just a beautiful sight. Don’t you would like washboard abs, a strong core and back and especially trust the look and feel to have your best? Today can be the turning point for you. You can melt that fat and have a fit and trim midsection, which you have always dreamed. I remember how the original AB-doer on TV many years ago and is fascinated. Now, there are millions of people like me, the fanatical AB doer users, what it can be one of the most successful fitness products. John Abdo is a world authority on fitness and athletic conditioning. As Olympic coach and respected author, John developed the original AB-doer, which forever altered abdominal fitness area. He is living proof of the AB doer twist works. At the age of 54 years, he is in the best shape of his life.

You know, I remember once someone says: “John, how could teach body fat to lose? You’ve never been there.”and I said: “hey, show let a picture me.” I was 50 pounds overweight, I had a bad back, I had chronic fatigue syndrome, I was depressed. If you carry extra weight on your body, it is a burden, not only on your body, not just your joints and muscles, but your brain. And if you look in the mirror, it’s even worse. It’s like, hell what are you to do yourself? If I had to make a change, I had no clear direction, and I did what any other fact-sit-ups and all he did was make my poor midsection. My belly was larger, had this huge, ugly love handles on the front and my back was constantly hurt. So I started to study Anatomy, and I saw the bodies of the Boxer, gymnast, dancer. You bob,.