French build the first naked body-golf course, says no intention to show the body

If the US media making the top 10 most popular golf course review, France La Jieni naked is golf course, is one of the first golf course of naked body the best. French la Jieni golf course is the first which introduce the possibility to play golf, in naked body. La Jieni built golf course 1993 developed strong until 2009, when it developed into an area of 9 hectares.
But it is not standard practice to hold championship golf course, as it has only 6-hole Mini Golf courses.
Golf course la Jieni includes professional training for green-hand and all golfers at various levels can play there. “Everyone has to play claims that in the La Jieni. See you at the kick-off “is the motto of the course. Some principles of the course while making the course with other courses. First and foremost, you are naked in the play. Also never felt look of people naked, embarrassed or hesitant. Last but not least, no sexual behavior allowed, no photograph.
With regard to security, La Jieni has according to the guidelines below: 1. no BBQ, fire and not throw bottles or cigarette butts everywhere. 2. Speed must be less than 20 miles per hour, priority pedestrian safety. 3. Save water but shower before entering and then naked. 4. Lajie NI of course respect the values of nature, hope to respect visitors naked for self and others, protect natural environment. As mentioned in the previous text, each of us has to play the way the golf course la Jieni, it’s time to make some preparations, for example, buy a set of golf clubs. Here I have one for sale, ping i15 driver,ping i15 brief introduction of the Pingi15 of driver recommend:
The fade-biased design of the PING i15 of driver meets the requirements of the golfers, a high priority to work their tees site. The traditional pear-shaped 460cc titanium head was developed, with a bulge of Crown design and deep face energy transmission for higher ball speed and a solid feeling of better golfers prefer to optimize. Internal weighting reduces spin and the Hosel is easily positioned to pathways preferred back off your face to help promote the tour and control. His titanium-carbon interface provides an elegant and visually appealing look.
Special feathures:
1. Traditional pear shape drivers, specifically for the workability and distance
2 460cc driver w/Titanium carbon finish
3. Bulge Crown design interacts with face-to-ball speed increase and to produce a solid feel and sound
4. Internal weighting and Hosel produce a fade-biased design that promotes less spin and sharper trajectory position
5. A tighter bulge and roll weight saving is to optimize the focus and can increase ball speed
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