Forest Whitaker: 2010 Oscars winners for weight loss success

Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for best actress. But it was clear, Forest Whitaker, home took up, as best actor in before and after weight-loss photos at the Oscar ceremony 2010 honors. This was presented by Oscar the big weight loss news.

Forest Whitaker, that 2007 was the best actor for his role in “The last King of Scotland”, has shocked the world when he took yesterday evening on the stage, pay tribute to nomination of Sandra Bullock. He spoke very eloquently about her as a woman and actress. But his words were really overshadowed by the new weight-loss images from its trimmed-down below to first build.

To the shock value of Forest Whitaker weight loss success at the Academy Awards 2010 was the fact that the actor wore black large, thick glasses. The look has his face appear even smaller and thinner.

This month, you have to see the possibility that perform very talented Forest Whitaker Repo Menless than ever on the big screen in the release of the new movie. Forest of co-stars with Jude Law in the story about a futuristic society, their lives can extend in people, by mechanical purchasing organizations a dominant Corporation, known as the Union. If people on the payments behind, fall, however, are their life-saving organs facing, always through the characters, played by Jude Law and Forest Whitaker withdrawn.

What about the plot? And we thought the modern banks and mortgage companies do not we were pretty bad?