For weight loss – burn calories to burn calories fast

So what is the solution to burning fat in a faster and more efficient method? The answer is to use the strength and interval training to burn fewer calories in less time exercise, but with a more intense form of exercise.

Too many people are brainwashed to think that if they do not burn 300 to 500 calories per session, then they will not lose fat. After all, that’s what I have said time and again in the soft fitness / fashion magazines.

Within the intervals this short time frame will make your muscles go crazy with activity (I call it a metabolic turbulence). This drive makes lots of crazy metabolism calorie burning after exercise to get your body back to normal. The result is that you end up burning more fat and more calories in the post exercise in your body is doing things under control.

The problem with this approach to fat loss are numerous. First, it is difficult to say if the calorie counters are even accurate. A story on the CBS news showed that cardio machines overestimate calorie burning by up to 20%.
Then, depending on slow cardio for advanced fat loss is relatively useless, at least, ineffective. It takes time for you to burn calories and one study showed that men who only used cardio to loose weight ended with a decrease in resting metabolism. Which are basically undoing the calorie burning only cardiovascular function. On the other hand, study that same the guys in the used strength training did not suffer a reduction in metabolic rate.

Your body will burn more calories after exercise (when using intervals) after making it to slow cardio and your metabolism will remain high. Some experts refer to this as the hangover effect. How you do intervals? Well, you could sprint for 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds, and repeat that 6 games – with the bike preferably or treadmill if you have experience with it.

Now there’s a moment you’d like to count calories, but that is when you are counting and determining how many calories you should eat each day. Once again, you can finish the job of to entire workout in less than a minute, simply by eating garbage. Without a structure and discipline to your nutrition, there is nothing that even my programs can do to help you loose fat.