Foods that help lose weight

There is no magical diets. It is important to understand that it remove a food group, which helps us, in addition, to complement it with little physical activity. Scientific studies have shown, the calorie intake is not necessarily higher than in normal people obese. The purchasing power is often low in those who are overweight.

Make salad : Salad with carrots, tomatoes, turnips, cabbage, peppers, salad, cucumber, etc… It is important the Association, use of olive oil, lemon and a little pepper and salt, set aside.

Grapes : instead of biscuits chew their way through a package after a tiring day of work, eating grapes, instead try. Are particularly well chilled, well, one hundred grams of grapes contain only 70 calories.

Orange : the slower you eat, and satiety signals from the body to recognize. What snack takes longer than an orange peel and cut? Oranges contain only 48 calories. (200 ml orange juice, everything was the fiber is about 115).

Potatoes : surprised? The problem is not the Pope, but the type, how it is cooked. Baked or boiled and fatty foods without side dishes, potatoes are ideal for your diet. Puree, pepper, and a dash of lemon. Potatoes contain only 97 calories.

The sweet potato is another good option, cooked, as they have a naturally rich flavor and creamy texture.They have more than potatoes, 120 calories but they delicious, even without side dishes are. And despite another botanical family include, the calories are just as nutritious as normal potatoes.

Fiber-rich cereal : through the provision of bulk, some cereal also is filled with relatively few calories. maize, rice, other options for breakfast, oatmeal or corn flakes, wheat or rice low sugar content could be roasted. If prefer sweet, add chopped fruits.

Sprouted legumes: get the vitamins and fiber. They are eaten raw, are suitable for the weight loss. A 50-gram portion has about 140 calories. The raw sprouts of other legumes such as beans or peas.

Quark : If made with skimmed cow’s milk, curdled milk contains only 56 calories and are a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins, regular cottage cheese with a little fruit is a delicious dessert.

Water : Investigations show that in particular snacks to eat is often to ignore the result of thirst for hunger.Water has no calories, so it’s worth to fill. Drink water, juice contains mainly low-calorie other flavors such as buttermilk, coconut water, and watermelon. Vegetables and clear soups are nutritious and have no calories, avoid cream soups.

Chocolate bar : to prevent binging, it is important, once in a while treat. A 20-gram slab is occasionally chocolate, a good choice for sweet cravings, because it is a single Pack and therefore less risky than ice cream cake or pudding.