Follow a strict gastric bypass diet after surgery

There are some rules and regulations for a gastric bypass diet, that you must follow. Before we get into the discussion about dietary restrictions of gastric-bypass patients, we should know what it is. Gastric bypass surgery formulated to smaller forms and approval the stomach meals bypass part of the small intestine. Experience faster than when your stomach was the amount of food you eat its unique size and shape, which reduces and thus consumes the energies. Circumvented is also part of the intestine is absorbed less energy. This leads to weight loss.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most common gastric bypass surgery. In standard digestion, food go through the stomach and enters the small intestine, where most of the nutrients will be absorbed. It then goes through the large intestine and the (colon), and finally the permanent waste is excreted.

In a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery will sound the size of the stomach by surgical or one manufactured plastic strap of less by a small pocket on the top of the stomach. The small stomach is directly connected to the middle section of the small intestine, bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.

After the operation you must very careful diet, because all sorts of normal food only after surgery are digested by the stomach can not. This restricted list can be considered gastric bypass diet diet for the patient.

Especially the gastric bypass diet has returned 4 levels, make your way to eat hard food after your bypass surgery to relieve.

How quickly you move on the next steps of 1 staircase, depends on how quickly your body on the change of models and the quality and the adequacy of the diet control diet.

People can get back their normal activities in three to five weeks. After the operation, you must diet to make great and lasting changes in the process.

Gastric bypass diet means the following:

  • You can upgrade at the same time only a few ounces of liquid food. Gastric bypass new may contain a small quantity of food.
  • You have very slow food and you don’t have to chew your food to a pulp. Otherwise, you may often pain and vomiting can.
  • You shall do thirty minutes eating drinking; during your meal, and for thirty minutes after eating. There is no room in your stomach for solid food and drinks.
  • You have to take vitamins and supplements.
  • You have to stay away from foods containing the excessive sugar-like drinks juices, sweets, spices, ice cream and lemonade. Dumping syndrome can be passed from simple sugars. This occurs because the food in the intestine and stomach moves too fast. It may be a reason for sweating, shaking, rapid heart rate, dizziness, and often severe diarrhea.

Although strategies differ, surgery is usually applies when your body-mass index 40 or higher or you have a critical situation related to immobilize your weight.

Your doctor can prescribe only for bypass surgery, if you can not take off with other actions.

The conditions may be required or at least take into account are given below:

  • You are overweight for at least 6 years.
  • You have no problem with alcoholic beverages.
  • You need psychiatric anarchy no raw dark or a different chef.
  • You should be between 18 and 60 years of age.

All operations have threat. And it is significant for you and your doctor talk about your treatment options, to make a decision, what for you is the greatest and also on the details of the gastric bypass diet by the doctor know if you are entitled to undergo a surgery.