Flu-free through Pilates; How this amazing workout will keep you healthy during flu season

Now that it’s flu season, it is important, that we get our health by plenty of rest, eat well, get up and pursuit.  We all know that certain foods will prosper the body to while others sit in a crisis.  As well, we know that the exercise, which helps us to feel, more energy, and stay fit. What may seem like a surprise, but that specific exercise programs to keep your immune system healthy.

Take for example, Pilates. Thank you celebrities for their toned muscles and solid abs, but professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts of Pilates you knew that Pilates exercise actually helps to prevent that you sick?

Joseph Pilates created the basis for the Pilates method and internment in England and tending to wounded soldiers in the first world war.  Pilates created his own exercise equipment rigging springs to hospital beds, so bedridden patients to exercise against resistance, an innovation which led to his later equipment designs. When in 1918, thousands of people killed a flu epidemic, not a single hit England died one of Joe’s trainees; This, he claimed, testifies the effectiveness of the system.  The reason for this phenomenon is that Pilates focuses is wrapped in the central nervous system on the alignment, strength and stabilization of the spine.  It is this system that is responsible for the functioning of every organ in the body.  If the spine alignment and our immune system weakened, so is.  Conversely, if the spine is properly stabilized and supported, our immunity and organ functions are significantly improved.  Pilates works also to stretch muscles and improve circulation by effective and efficient breathing and flowing movement. This breathing brings more oxygen to the muscles, creating healthier cells throughout the body and at the end of the immune system; In this way working Pilates to relieve stress, which we all know contributes to our bodies inability to fight off illness and disease.

Another thing to note is how Pilates feel mentally you can make.  A basic principle in Pilates, learn how to use the mind to control muscles, originally called “Contrology.” By Pilates exercise, the brain produces more chemicals that are vital to our well-being such as serotonin and endorphins. This is, it makes us comfortable feel and also ensures that our brain is functioning properly.  There are to support important research, works of the mind and body together can even help to stave off diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer’s.

Pilates are not only great, feel themselves but on the inside, your body will be healthy and you are less prone to diseases. And because it free of stress on joints, Pilates is an excellent choice for virtually any body of seniors to the experienced athletes.   So, remember, your vegetables, stay to eat, rested, hydrated and add your body in a daily dose of Pilates, flu free and happy to keep.