Five tips on how to reduce pressure of work

Are you tired of your use work? Do you work so hard but have little payment? Or you achieve a lot on your career but have no time to relax? A recently survey from the American Psychological Association showed that about 65% of the U.S. workmen are passive, which sounds so serious. OK! I’ll introduce five tips on how to reduce pressure of work.

Make full use of the Internet

Not only can E-mail be send by Internet, but the Internet can give your suggestions on how to find work, such as how to make your resume, how to pass the interview and how to state your salary requirements in in appropriate manner. If you’re starting your own company, how to make a planning and how to raise money are the things you care about, all the answers can be found on the Internet. All in all, make full use of the Internet, you can find what your need.

Find what’s your strengths and what’s your weaknesses

Make a list on which includes your strengths and weaknesses and ask your best friends to modify this list. By this way, you can understand how to make full use of your strengths and how to avoid exposing faults.

Overcome the emotion of fear

The key on how to develop your potential is overcoming the emotion of fear. You can start from the minor such as greeting to new friends or seeing horror movies alone to overcome fear. Try to do the things you used to fear to do and gradually you will have courage to overcome the difficulty in your work.

Make your life orderly

It’s necessary to clean out your desk before you leave the office or delete useless documents and E-mail in your computer regularly. You would coat stress or anxiety if there are many reports, memos and letters on your desk. What’s more, a leisure morning and a delicious breakfast may give you a better mood.

Accept inevitable facts

As a saying goes, it’s no use crying for the spilt milk! In daily life, all people can encounter unpleasant things. We might make ourselves.†to accept these unpleasant things instead of letting these irreversible things to destroy our emotions. Remember that it’s no use to regret, what we should do is to remember the lesson from failure.