Fat loss diets like Jenny Craig are too expensive for some dieters

Fat loss diet with prepackaged foods are popular due to their simplicity. With meals for you, there’s no more work guess. Jenny Craig is the most popular diet in this category. The plan seems simple, easy meal that and lose weight? Not too excited understand with Valerie Bertinelli, Queen Latifhah, Kristie Allie of the spots. Fat loss diets like Jenny Craig these celebrities were talking the pros, mention the cons cost rarely… namely!

Starting from the most diet fat loss diets like Jenny Craig have to say is it almost synonymous with going into a used car dealership. Leigh, a young woman who tried the program, said she would not recommend fat loss diet similar to like Jenny Craig “I found the sales staff absolutely ADAMANT with the latest are sold.” Although she was fire already out about $500 per month for food, the consultant would try (more like seller), with additional elements such as vitamins, exercise to bombard her tapes, etc..

Leigh says it was impossible, what they needed and nothing more to buy. “You have to order the food or they give to a song and dance about not so much weight lose and not prepared.” So much for a simple diet plan! Leigh says, food is already stressful enough, fat loss, now had the added stress of guarding their wallet! “The meetings were nothing more than an opportunity to buy more material you under pressure. It took more energy with each visit to get exactly what I wanted to order. It was ridiculous!”
The last straw came, started to find charges on their food. $ 10-$ 15 per visit. Leigh decided to go around, dealing with the counselors and simply order by Jenny direct, could in this way that their food to come home. Imagine their reaction as the first food order with six bottles of vitamins, another food order error arrived. This time, the cost was a whopping $52 extra! Leigh ended the program stop. After 4 months of calls from Jenny Craig, customer service and the better Business Bureau has still not yet their money back they get.

For some dieters the cost for fat loss diet with ready-made meals are just too much. “What is, if you have a family?” Says Julia, a single mother of three, who decided not to go to Jenny Craig. “I spend already $400 per month for food for me and the kids. Now I have an extra $500 on top of that, spend for Jenny Craig food? That’s money that I could put in savings!”

Even if you can afford the Jenny Craig program, there is another problem with this type of fat loss diet… What happens if you stop eating the food? Angela, one other Dieter actually 40 pounds lost. Unfortunately, she says “I eat foods the minute which began regularly again, my weigh began creeping back. I would recommend not this diet to anyone. A balanced diet with healthy real food makes much more sense.”