Fat loss 4 idiots diet – drawbacks and strengthen

In recent years was the fat loss 4 idiots diet as one of the most popular diet plans today developed. The diet in favour of a theory of shifting calories or calorie shifting theory called. The idea behind calorie shifting is supposed to increase our metabolic rate by it stimulates our bodies to additional fat burning by signals that the calories is low.

Based on personal experiences and discussions with other people, even with this diet, the disadvantages and the strengths of the calories are shifting:


1 Without commitment and determination unsuccessful. The fat loss 4 idiots diet claims to the easiest solution for fast and sustained weight loss, but according to my experience, without commitment and determination that you will never have the desired success. Although the diet is easy to implement and to follow, it’s up to you, your diet plan or do not comply. This diet is not only as a weight loss pill treatment, where you have to take your medicine and forgetting the rest.

2 Claim of losing 9lbs in 11 days is very difficult (if not impossible) to achieve.The diet claims it as much to lose as 9 lbs in 11 days. Many people can see the following number attracted to, while others will be informed that it sounds dubious. Weight loss success basically depends on the consistent use of the diet plan, reducing the daily calorie intake and physical activity.

From my personal experience, I have decided to reduce my daily calorie intake by 500 calories (accumulation on 3500 cal less per week), to achieve an average 1900 cal per day. For a comfortable planning from my daily diet plan, I used the online menu planner which accompanies the Fatloss4Idiots manual. With this strategy, I could six pounds in the first month, 4 pounds in the second and again 6 pounds in the third (accounting about 2.7 kg in 14 days) to lose. I reached this weight loss without starving myself or my physical activities increase.

I spoke with 5 friends and relatives who plan the Fatloss4Idiots diet strictly for already more than three months, and their diets evaluated results. As a conclusion, the mean weight loss was lbs only 7.6 kg instead of the alleged 9 in 11 to 14 days. Of all respondents dieters were more than usual during the application of the fat loss 4 idiots diet exercising. Anyway, I found it difficult, an exact number since several evaluated people come not about her weight on a daily basis control.

Personally, I think that the claim will lose 9lbs is rather an exaggeration in 11 days and maybe should this goal be be seen as an upper limit, not the rule, because very few able to reach his in only 11 days.

3 No. permanent weight loss will not continue.I realized that as soon as I stopped after fat loss 4 idiots diet and tried, in my previous “routine” enter again, began again to increase my weight. Therefore, although this diet plan works and all people who really lose it weight, no more than a temporary solution if you customize not your lifestyle, after you removed the extra pounds. As well as always, after problems with the diet and adoption on the new eating habits, you’ll realize how easy it is to continue with this diet, and you would almost automatically.

4. Other disadvantages

  • There are no clinical studies presented on the official website
  • The fat loss 4 idiots diet is no appetite suppressants (which are not natural)
  • It set no formal fitness regime, on the official Web site
  • The diet requires that you change your daily eating habits quite drastically. Not everyone may be ready to manage them.


1 Simple diet plan. Fat loss 4 idiots is a simple and unique weight loss diet, learned about the official website with low start up and no additional costs. I bought/tried several other diet programs, but this really is different from any other diet program that I know. The diet book contains loads of information about weight loss techniques and learn to read the book, how easy it is to follow this diet.

2. Healthy diet. The meis