Exercises for waist and hip

Exercise 1 waist

On the belly, track your feet close together and lift them slightly off the ground. Hold the cloth with both hands and place it under the brow. Bring more legs and lift your head, so that it the right twist. Starting position back and repeat the opposite. Do 10-15 times.
Exercise in the Middle 2

Lie on your back, bend your knees and your feet on the ground. Spend a towel under the knee of the right leg and drag it towards the chest, when lifting the pelvis. On the next cycle, stretch leg and lift your pelvis slightly higher. Go the other way and repeat 10-15 times. Then follow the exercise with the other leg.
Exercise in the middle of 3

From the same starting position, put your hands behind your head and press the ball between the knees. Povdgnete legs and head out of the ground. Keep the left knee and twist. And then turn right. This is a repeat. Do the exercise 10-15 times.
Exercise in the middle of 4

Stand upright and insert a wooden stick on his shoulders. Take your palms forward. A big step forward with the right foot and bent at the knee. Then turn the body from the waist to the right. Going the other direction, and lead attacks on the other leg. Repeat 10-15 times.

15 Minute program of exercise to sexy thighs

The exercises are demonstrated by the famous TV presenter and actress Brooke Burke. Mother of four children find time to train.

Brooke Burke is a popular American TV host, actress, and author of several best selling secrets for women. 39 Year old mother of 4 kids to look perfect and often marched onto the front pages of many magazines men’s magazines tour, and fashion shows. “I never saw for an excuse to your trip – cancel Brooke says – the fridge, I have a table with my assignment of tasks for the day. A vacancy in her box filled with exercises.
I am a fan and I Pilates three times a week. Never dieted. My family stick to Mediterranean cuisine – eat primarily fish, fresh vegetables and meat grilled. Never skip breakfast, even if it contains only protein cocktail. “

For a working mother, her manager has developed special speed training. First heat with each workout. Run 3-4 times per week, the plant repeat each exercise 15 times, each time changing the order.
Exercise 1 sexy thighs

Upright stand with legs slightly bent knees and punches on the Chin cross step of right foot back and relax in the squat. Standing up, your weight on the right leg and kick with the left, parallel to the ground. Step on the left foot and right behind him pair and make one enters with his right foot. This is a repeat.
Exercise 2 sexy thighs

Take Pushup position. Bend the knees and to the front and right, attempting to more than waist. Then store your right leg back and up. Starting position back and repeat with the other leg.
Exercise 3 sexy hips

Face down lying on the fitness ball, laid his hands on the ground. Feet are shoulder width shoulders and leaning on your fingers. Slowly lift your legs, hold, and leave them on the way back.

Lie on your stomach, and press fitness ball between his ankles. Bend your knees at a right angle and lift hips, without the changed position of the body. Hold and slowly relax.
Exercise 5 sexy hips

Make deep step upright posture forward with the right foot and relax in the attacks. Stand up, transfer your weight to the right leg, left drag and lift, attempting to touch his toes with his right hand. Step on the floor and do the same with the other leg.