Example-specific warm-up exercise and weight loss warmup advantages

Warming up is important for injury prevention, as well as maximum benefit from the exercise to win, because loose, warm muscles respond better to the challenge to lift the weights. Warm-Up for strength training is used to reduce weight and increased strength, speed, strength, coordination, balance, agility, stamina, flexibility and muscle! It is used for the Elimination of back pain, shoulder pain, and pain in the knee as well as a variety of pain and irritation all over the body.

Warm-Up for strength training is aimed at the recreational, amateur and professional athletes as well as personal trainer, strength coach, and other health care practitioners. The Warm-Up, strength-training-DVD highlights limitations and fallacies in traditional warm-up programs and are practical, researched methods for efficient preparation of pre-exercise.

Advantages of the warmup strength training:

• Increases body temperature and warms the connective tissue

• Increases blood flow to the heart and muscles (i.e., loads the circulatory system)

• Provides more oxygen to the muscles (especially increased exchange of oxygen to the tissues because hemoglobin is more oxygen at high temperatures, as well as increased oxygen-carbon dioxide Exchange)

• Increase nerve conduction velocity (i.e. activate the nervous system)

• Improves efficiency (speed and strength) of muscle contraction and reaction time

• Promotes more efficient cellular metabolism (i.e. help the metabolic transition to activity-specific energy systems)

• Stimulates the endocrine system

• Increases the amount of synovial fluid in the joints (and thus decreasing the viscosity of the joint capsules)

• Reduced muscle viscosity

• Lubricates the joints and muscles and stiffness reduced

• Increase the joint range of motion

• Increases muscle coordination by related movements

• Increase work capacity

• Prevents injuries

The warmup strength training DVD is coach, strength coach and other practitioners for recreational, amateur and professional athletes, as well as for staff in health care. It has several General and specific warm-up methods including a spinal warm-up, Swiss ball-wake-up routine, Swiss ball warm-up techniques, balance drills, hip mobility exercises, dynamic stretching routine, stretching demo explosive exercises for the upper and lower body, Olympic hybrid circuits, as also try specific warm-up systems. Please buy and online soundbodytrainer.com in New York City to visit.