Effective training methods for muscle mass


There are many training units, which you could follow. Some of them offer you excellent results, some don’t! Rest periods, sleep much depends on your body type, motivation, food intake, and how long you need for trained.

At LA muscle we train are always the question “should I?”. Now, there is no simple answer, but here we give you a number of options that you can follow. Either or all (not simultaneously!) try and see which works for you!


Some follow this routine for various reasons such as lack of time. This routine is probably better for beginners. As a beginner, you have a tendency to grow, no matter what you’re doing!

If you’re going to follow this routine is recommended that you stick to basic exercises, and let rest at least 2 days between your training.

Basic exercises: Squat, bench press, Bent Over Row / LAT pulldown or Chin, overhead press (shoulder press), Deadlift, barbell biceps curl.


This is the preferred method of training for most bodybuilders. It includes sharing your workout, so that can you give 3-4 times per week to train, but at the same time each part of body enough time to recover.

It how you train and exercise which covers you on a given day is up to you. The following is an example:


  • Chest (bench press)
  • Triceps (Tricep / close-grip of bench press)
  • Shoulders (overhead press)


  • Back (pulldowns / bent over rows)
  • Biceps (biceps barbell/Dumbells curl)


  • Legs (squat)
  • Calves (veal tongue increase)
  • Lower back (Deadlift)

Just one example is above where you work each body part once in a week. You could add calves until Monday, legs and lower back until Wednesday–then do the same routine on Monday to Friday. In this way you work body part each twice a week. In both cases, it is a good idea to 48-72 hours-break for a body part to restore a session to leave. Note the above example to work your back + biceps one day and chest + triceps another. This combination can be alternate to shock your body.


If you try, your body mass, then you need intense severe anaerobic stimulation on the picture frame. Have you ever considered the story of Joseph, his calf up the Hill, the worn every day? By the time that the calf Joseph was grown a muscular Adonis of a man! Now the calf is not raised and had Joseph it up several times made the Hill a day, he would have grown not much muscle! Why? Because the calf weight increases on a weekly basis and had Joseph’s muscles to adapt to and getting bigger to meet the calf.

This is actually quite simple: give your muscles heavy, intense stimulation on a regular basis and have no other choice than to adapt your muscles and getting bigger. Not over a period of time to train. Keep it under an hour (for optimal testosterone version). Lots of food, LA whey after training and before sleeping take. Sufficient sleep and you’ll be great!

To grow, keep the repetitions in the 6-8 range. To do a warm up set and go as hard as possible. Don’t think other sets about you. When you lift the heaviest difficult you possible is, then only one per body part – seriously!

Many people say they want a “Bruce Lee body”. OK no problem! Bruce Lee was very, very defined and adapted. But don’t forget he had ‘Muscles’, that have been defined. So are a thin man who looks like he wants to, then you build some muscle first! You can go for more reps and more sets.


Fit for those of you who want to keep and get more “elongated” muscles, then 10 + to do repetitions. Thus exercising more aerobic, have minimum rest periods and go for different exercises. Warm up, stretching, and in a few non-force exercises, such as push ups, Chin or dips-stick. Already times a Turner Körper?


If you